One day, a group of teenagers went on a 4 day hiking trip in the Mountains of Canada. When Friday came around, they were packed and ready to go. The kids arrived at around 7:30 pm and set up their tent. They decided to go to sleep and hike early the next morning.

They woke up at 5:00 and headed off, unfortunately there was a snowstorm but (being teenagers) they could care less about the weather. They headed down trail A, but the snow blocked it and all the trails except for trail D; it had been closed due to recent disappearances. They started their walk and soon enough, they were lost with no idea how to get back. They kept walking for hours on end when they finally came upon a cave. They decided to sleep there that night.


The oldest and his girlfriend woke up to bloodcurdling screams. They looked in horror when they saw a man covered in ice. Not like a yeti, but as in they literally could see the body trapped in the ice as if the man decided to increase his endurance and power by freezing himself. It walked and attacked as if it was human, but had sharp ice claws that could easily tear flesh. The man seemed genuinely happy at his action of killing these kids. Only the boy and his girlfriend were left.

They ran and ran until they came upon a cabin. Little did they know that this was the Ice-Man's cabin, in which he had performed the experiment. They checked his notes and found out they could seal themselves in ice, thus protecting themselves from the beast. The boy cried as he crawled in the chamber, and watched his girlfriend be brutally murdered.

5 years later a skier stumbled upon a suspicous cabin. Inside the freezer he found a body frozen in ice with blood on the floor and on the body itself. Unfortunatley scientists were unable to revive him. We may never know what happened that night.