The Icarus Effect is the phenomenon of adding a specifically recreated section of synthetic tissue to the brain, and experiencing the symptoms that follow. The synthetic tissue is an exact replica of a section of the brain that most commonly appeared within the cellular scans of the pharaoh, Akhenaten, as well as other pharaohs depicted with large skull craniums. It was a small portion of brain that disappeared sometimes after the pharaoh’s bloodlines had ended.

Over time no one is known to of had this extra portion of brain past then. The addition of this missing section of synthetic tissue causes massive hysteria in those it’s attached to. A 2004 research-study of a classified group of individuals recorded that those who received the implanted brain tissue refused to eat, sleep or even move.

All noise startled them as they described visions of structures and beings no one else could see. All twenty-four individual’s body temperatures began skyrocketing as they grew more and more sensitive to noise and motion. Their eyes grew white at first and began to bleed as their heads grew red, as the veins in their limbs became greatly swelled and menacingly visible.

Their muscles grew tense as they let out agonizing screams. Absolutely no forms of sedation did any good and their body temperatures began to fluctuate rapidly. Finally, within sixteen hours all twenty-four individuals experienced massive hemorrhages and their brains were drowned in blood.

After these traumatic events all personnel involved refused to ever again partake in the studies of The Icarus Effect. The research study was shut down and all attempts to recreate the phenomenon at a later date were dismissed. It was dubbed ‘The Icarus Effect’ due to the symptoms patients experienced after the procedure, gaining what can only be described as a ‘second sight’ before burning up and ultimately being declared dead.

In this respect it was similar to the story of Icarus, the son of a craftsman who was gifted wings of wax to aid in his escape from a dreaded labyrinth. When given the wings made of wax, Icarus flew far too close to sun, where the wings melted causing Icarus to fall to his death; just as the tissue given to the patients resulted in their demise.

No modern attempts to currently recreate studies of The Icarus Effect Project are known. All studies of this phenomenon and any plans to reproduce the effects have been halted by all high-level clearance. This venture is to never again be taken on for fear that those who advance knowledge, study or understanding of the Icarus Effect may end up contacting god or opening a plane of existence mankind is not ready for.

All subjects involved in this case have been neutralized and all records of these studies are being destroyed. A small team is being established to ensure no one else discovers this case. All records wiped.

Credited to Brian C. Alexander