Have you ever been lying in bed and startled by the sound of your closet door suddenly opening? Have you ever thought the sound of a tree rapping against your house was the sound of someone breaking in? Of course you have, we all have. But the truth is these little sounds to which we feel we have the answer to are much different than you may think.

These are the sounds of the Hunters, spirits who have come for us, as we have been chosen by them. Once you are selected you can’t escape. Every creak of the floorboards, every gust of wind, every branch or leaf rubbing against your windows and walls, every strange noise you may hear is actually one of them. They are watching you, stalking your every move. You may never see them, or you might catch them in the corner of your eye; as they are that little shadow that moves out of your vision. They take care to stay hidden though, but you can hear them and you can find them.

The Hunters have been known to be found in videos, they are those little and unexplained shadows or distortions you see sometimes. If you search through any audio recording you can occasionally hear distortion or faint whispering. That is them.

What are their purposes you ask? Well, some say they are death spirits, waiting for when Fate cuts our thread of life that they may escort us to whatever lays beyond. Some say they are the spirits that have ties to you in some way, or spirits that are tied to wherever you may be. Others think they may be angels or demons. And even more say they are nothing more than an overactive imagination. Me? Oh I don’t agree with any of these theories, I believe these spirits, the Hunters, to be hungry. Does that confuse you? Let me explain. You see, the Hunters are exactly that, Hunters. What do they hunt? Well humans of course. No, they don’t eat us physically, but emotionally. Fear and paranoia are their favorite emotions to get from us, as those emotions are the most filling to them.

Their influence has become so strong that they have even become part of our human existence as a whole. Remember that horror movie that scared you beyond measure, or that myth and urban legend that still brings back bad memories? It was influenced by them so that they may feed.

So remember, next time you hear that strange noise, or watch that scary movie, you’re feeding a team of Hunters so that they may grow in strength. And when their full strength is realized, well, we will just see what happens, won’t we?

Written by Red VB 
Content is available under CC BY-SA