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Blue house

There is a blue, two story house in Oahu, Hawaii that is almost like any other house. It was priced rather cheap and for that reason, my parents rented it.

I lived a few years in that house and it was not fun to be alone. Most of the time, I would be in the house on the top story, which is the only part we rented, and hear the residents in the first story talk.

There was a man and his wife with their child who lived there. It was an old house that I did not like at all. But first, I must tell you some things about the house.

There was a woman who wanted to make the house of her dreams, but the plans went horribly wrong. There were two entrances to the top story of the house, one inside a protected area with two gates and another free for anyone to access if they had the right key. The bottom story had a couple entrances, but you had to get through two gates to get into the protected area. Behind the house was another, one with a yard. The only gardening in this house was in the protected area, there was a grass patch, a tree, and a medium sized yellow flower patch in the middle of the grass patch.

The house she built became unlucky and she soon left the house, disappointed in the results. Later on, a man bought the house from the lady and granted it to his son for his family to live in. The family still lives there, with some guy renting the top story. The time the house was empty, ghosts started to live in it. Actually, not only ghosts, but lots of insects also lived in it. The place was a disaster. Before my family moved into the house, the family who inhabited the bottom story had to kick out the family who lived in the top story because that family was very loud, supposedly from screaming and running around a lot.

I never really thought much about the story, but I was young and never knew much about the house. Even so, I did not like the house and it made me feel strange. I got used to the feeling after a while. I was seven at the time we moved in and I had some history with ghosts. My brother died as a baby and I encountered him a couple of times in places I visited and lived in. I could slightly sense the paranormal and most of my life was always having something to do with the paranormal.

I was always freaked out and I knew it was not normal. One of my classmates could see and interact with ghosts and another classmate had a messed up life because of ghosts and her friend's death from being afraid of something. I would have some classmates tell me ghost stories and later on, I would see a dark cloaked person at the end of a hallway and rub my eyes to see nothing, telling myself that imagination is a horrible thing sometimes.

My family is not very big, only four people, my parents, my older sister and I. Sometimes, my sister, mother, and I would talk about real ghost encounters, but my dad would not believe in ghosts.

This story is basically about scary encounters in the house and in other houses I've been to while living in the house.

The other house is my mother's friend's house. We would occasionally go there and they had two sons, both boys, one older than the other. Their house was also two stories, but was surrounded by other houses. Unlike our house, their house always had people coming in and the streets were always lively. They had a huge back yard that was a huge field with a huge tree in the center. Their school, which was nearby, was built over a cemetery.

In the blue house, there was a lot of space. The kitchen was almost connected to the living room, only separated by a tall wall that did not reach the ceiling. There was a section that was just in front of a spiraling staircase that was one of the entrances into the house that had three mirrors, two angled. To the right of the mirror was a long hallway with three entrances to the right, my sister's bedroom, a bathroom, the laundry space, and my bedroom.

At the end of the hallway was the second entrance to the house to the right and to the left was the master bedroom. There was glass at the very end of the hallway, overlooking the driveway. To the left of the mirror space was the kitchen, with the living room to the left of the staircase, behind the mirror space. in front of the small kitchen was a dining room, rarely used, only father was moved out because of work.

We did move out with father, but it was after 4 years of living in the house. Behind the mirrors was my sister's bedroom, but it felt like something else was behind it, like it was a portal; like there was a monster trying to free itself from the mirrors. I would sometimes think I saw my reflection move in one of the mirrors when I placed my hand on the mirror and tried to think of something to entertain myself.

My sister would have all these creepy dolls in her room, staring at you while you sleep. Not blinking. Not to mention all the creepy barbie dolls staring at you lifelessly with those creepy smiles and that messed up hair. You would not be able to move away from the bed and you would not want to stay in the bed. You were stuck and it was like the dolls were not noticing you, but one slight move would make them quickly turn their head at you and just watch you, yearning.

I had a big imagination when I was young and I still do, actually. I am considered random and weird. I was not random and weird before my family moved into the house. I became random and weird to try to keep myself upbeat and not depressed from my brother's death, and also to find explanations to weird things I see. I would force myself to believe what I could not explain, and make myself explain it anyway.

I would wake up early to play computer games once a week, but I stopped after I was playing a game and I saw a dark figure in front of me. I stared at it for two minutes, laughing at it in my mind because it reminded me of a heartless from Kingdom Hearts, a small black thing that looked like it was doing a retarded dance, always looking around quickly and parts of it flying away and disappearing in the air.

I then went back to my gaming and ten seconds later, my eyes swelled with fear. I froze and looked to my right, where the black thing was. Nothing was there. I went back to gaming, but was still swelled with fear and soon turned off the computer and went to bed. I still can not explain what I saw. It was darker than the night that already covered the house. It was pitch black and did NOT look like it wanted to help me. I wonder why I never saw it ever again.

In the living room, there were three brown couches that faced each other. I called them the nightmare couches. Every time I slept on them, I would have horrible nightmares. I had lots of nightmares even without the couches, but the couches always enhanced them.

They are the only couches that I wake up on doing a sort of jump in the air from my back, like I was hovering and I fell on my back, but I fell on something rubbery and I bounced up again. I had these couches in a previous house I lived in back in California.

Every time I woke up doing that weird bouncy thing, I always woke up from me just falling from a completely white background, and I would not scream or feel the pressure of falling. I know how it feels after having a dream that I was bouncing on high skyscrapers and I would slip and fall.

I would still see things even when I hit the ground, but not feel anything. I would feel that horrible feeling of your stomach crawling into your throat while you slowly fall, seeing people walk by, lifelessly. Before I would hit the ground in that white dream, I could see a shadow slowly growing darker. I would wake up and do the bouncy thing.

Once, when I was younger and in a different house, I woke up and could not breathe for what seemed like forever. I could not move and it felt as if I was being held down by something by the throat.

In the house with the two boys, we, my sister, the two boys and I, were playing a game. All of a sudden, all the lights went out and we all heard a scream. The scream came from the tree in the center of the field. A few seconds later, the lights came back on. Nobody was near the tree, but I felt as if someone died or disappeared all of a sudden. It was not normal.

Anyway, enough with my very tiny and not nearly full history with weird encounters and stuff. Here is the part that might involve you.

One of my classmates had a young boy ghost named Tom follow her wherever she moved. She was the same classmate whose friend died of fright. The ghost supposedly wanted to kill her and everyone else who knew her, which now includes you.

You know those things that you have to stare at for a while and then look at a white wall to see an image? I never liked those. I thought there was always going to be something more to them. There was. They can be used like Ouija boards.

I had a class project to make a poster about Samuel Adams. Everyone had a different person to write about. I drew a draft of Samuel Adams and it was the best draft I made. I showed all my friends and they were impressed. While studying the picture of Samuel Adams on the internet, I felt strange, and I did a close up on his face and thought I saw a picture of a ghost to his right. I ignored it as a photo-shopped image. Anyway, I messed up the picture. I drew a third eye on Samuel Adams, drew weird things everywhere, all in all making the picture look very creepy and distorted. I told my classmate to stare at his nose for thirty seconds and close her eyes while staring into the light.

She did that and saw the face of Tom. She was freaked out, but did it again while asking a question. She asked the name and ended up with a T. The next few times she did that, we ended up with the name 'Tom'. We asked more questions and found out that he was dead and wanted to harm us. The next day, the classmate was very creeped out and by the end of the year, she had lots of encounters with Tom.

The next year, the classmate was not heard of and people kept on telling me that she moved and moves a lot. I knew that she moved a lot, but she never told me that she was going to move. I accepted what they said and continued with my life. I never had any more encounters with Tom after she left and I think I know why.

I don't get harmed by ghosts, I only get spooked out. I always feel as if my brother is protecting my family. I use this as an explanation for not being harmed by much when I move into very old houses that seem haunted.

The thing is, I don't think anything is protecting you from ghosts.

Tom could be lurking in your house right now.

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