Image 1294683103 gates of heaven

After having a dream that I was swimming in dark waters and saw a hole in the sky, I have grown curious about this astrological phenomenon.

That was the fifth time that I have seen this strange hole in the sky. I searched for explanation on the Internet, but didn't have much success; it only made me feel unsure about this happening in the real world. I searched deeper until I had this amazing dream.

--- Here's a Piece of my mind ---

Day 1

I was walking like a sleepwalker through stone arches, and all I could see was a cold, shining light until I drowned inside it. I couldn't help but feel hate, anger, love, and the whole spectrum of human feeling rush through me. I awoke with a whisper inside my head that kept saying "Sheol" every now and then.

Feeling empty and dry, my body was changed, and my feelings were sucked from me in some way. I have been like this for as long as I can remember. In the meanwhile, I couldn't dream anymore. All I had was this strange feeling of nothing inside me, like I couldn't be hurt or touched'.

Everything seemed meaningless.

--- After exactly ten days I had one of deepest experiences ---

Day 2

I dreamed I was inside a large building, and that all its occupants were happy. Suddenly, an old man with frightening blue eyes filled with despair grabbed me. I could feel his soul, feel him dying before me. Then I felt a hole in the sky just above him and I, and I heard a strong sound of gates being opened.

Then his soul rose to the opened skies. I lifted my eyes as his soul was sucked by this shining light. I dared to look deeper inside this hole, and felt a warm, yet strangely cold light washing away everything I felt. I grew scared interestingly enough, but couldn't help but look deeper in the sky.

Everything was fading away, like the heavens themselves were allowing me to see God's face. I was in awe, petrified, scared. Then this deep blue began to be erased by this cold light, and my bodily awareness began to fade away like I would return to dust.

Then there was silence, and a sound like a choir of many voices called my name three times. I felt like a stone; I couldn't reach it. No matter what, I couldn't even utter a word. I felt like a foreigner.

Then I woke up, scared and dry like sand, and I felt full with that light. I didn't feel hungry, thirsty, or sleepy thirsty for the rest of the day. I felt like I saw the true face of God and a sensation like dying. Even today, I still feel uneasy about seeing this dream again.

Now I know there is someone on the other side, watching us when we sleep.