When I was a little girl, my parents were hardworking people. Both of them went to work early and came home late. So, as a child, I was raised mostly by my grandmother. I remember sitting with her on her bed and listening to scary stories. I loved the stories grandma told me. She told me that those were real incidents. One of my favourite stories was the story of the headless people.

The story takes place in 1948, after the separation of Pakistan and India. Many Muslims migrated to Pakistan but some stayed behind. That included my grandmother and grandfather. They were newly married and they had found a small cottage in the middle of the woods. There, they lived happily.

One time, my grandfather had to go out of the country for a few months. My grandmother was left all alone at home. But she also had many friends to visit her. For some time, everything was normal. But eventually, people started seeing headless ghosts around the cottage. People would claim they saw headless ghosts sitting on trees and when they passed by, the ghosts would chase them.

One man even fainted after seeing those ghosts. The word spread that the woods were haunted. But my grandmother completely denied it. She never saw a single ghost in the woods even though she lived there for a long time. Eventually people started spreading rumors that my grandmother was a witch and she's the one who's been summoning those ghosts. After some time, my grandfather returned and the couple moved to Pakistan and started a family.

That's all the story my grandmother would tell me. I loved hearing that story over and over again. After many years, my grandmother grew weak and became unable to walk. Due to that reason, she moved away to her second son (my uncle). The day we parted was really painful for me but I acted brave. All the stuff got packed and my grandmother left.

I sighed as I watched the car and moving truck leave. Sadly, I walked inside and started sobbing in grandma's old room. It was completely empty except for boxes, packets, papers and other junk. Among the junk, I noticed something. A book. I walked over and picked up the book.

It was a book of black magic! I gasped and curiously flipped through the pages. I stopped when I saw a strange spell. It was a spell that summons headless ghosts. I gulped because now I knew the ending of the headless ghost story.