Have you heard of The Headknocker? No? Seriously? Well, you are new here, so I'll tell you. The Headknocker is—how should I say—a being that locals say sits around looking for prey.

Its prey being people. Many locals say that it is large, tall and brown, and that it has one big, razor sharp tooth. It takes people, well, its servants do at least, and keeps them isolated in a damp and dirty cave.

The Headknocker likes to wait to devour its food, see, it likes the taste of despair and fear. It can even keep people trapped for weeks and months, as they begin to get covered in disease and their own waste.

Eventually, its servants come for you, they like to choose the ones that are most desperate and afraid, because the Headknocker likes them the best. They beat the victim to a pulp, put a sack over its head, and drag it to their master.

See, the Headknocker is a strange creature, and as the name suggests, knocks off the head, and eats it. The remaining bits of the corpse are set ablaze and dumped into the sewer, for the rats.

Oh, don't be afraid. It's a quick end, at least that I've seen. It is clean, and there is little blood. But if you can't face the consequences, don't do the crime. You of all should know that the guillotine doesn't forgive.