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Reaper prop

Forget about Christmas, Halloween is by far my favorite holiday! My favorite time of the year is when I get to decorate my house with all kinds of Halloween decorations, like animatronic spiders that dangle over my front door and giant blow up black cats that hiss at guests that walk by.

Every Halloween, my house is the main attraction on my street, and I have to spend five hundred dollars a year on Halloween candy, and even then I still run out. I have even been on the news before, which was an amazing achievement for me.

Every year, I always go to my local Halloween store the day that it opens. I always buy most of my new Halloween decorations that day, so I can get all the good ones before they sell out. This year, I saw one of the coolest Halloween decorations I have even seen, and it was love at first sight. It was a grim reaper animatronic, with realistic movement, red light up eyes, and fog that came out of its mouth. It was awesome looking, and for only four hundred dollars, it was a steal.

They only had one in stock, so I was extremely happy that I got it before anyone else could. I immediately bought it, put it in the back of my van, and drove home. There were so many places that I could put my new prop, the possibilities were endless. I put my new prop in my basement, and then drove out to a restaurant for dinner with my family.

Another thing I should mention is I’ve always been fascinated by ancient poetry. I search for these types of poems for hours a day online, and since they are very hard to find, I only find about one or two a day. Today, I probably found the most awesome one yet. Supposedly, you are supposed to read this poem out load in front of a human like object, and that object will become possessed by an evil ancient spirit.

On my way home from dinner, I was dying to do this. I went into my basement and read the poem out loud in front of my new grim reaper prop. After I read it, nothing happened. Feeling like a complete idiot, I went back to bed. In all honesty, I really did not know what I was expecting.

During the night, I heard a noise that scared the living hell out of me. My new grim reaper prop accidentally went off in the middle of the night, and it was so loud that I almost had a heart attack. I quickly ran downstairs and unplugged it, before returning to bed. Twenty minutes after this happened, it went off again, louder than ever. This really scared me. I quietly went downstairs and noticed it was plugged in again. I wasn’t sure if I really did unplug it, or if I only dreamed of unplugging it.

Confused, I unplugged it and went back to bed. Five minutes later, and there it was, the grim reaper prop, right next to my bed. This terrified me at first, but then I remembered the ancient poem I read. It must have worked! I stared at it for the next twenty minutes hoping something cool would happen, but nothing did. I figured this must be sort of like a “weeping angel”, that only moves when you are not looking at it. I rolled over in my bed, shut my eyes, and waited thirty minutes for something to happen.

Thirty minutes later, I rolled over and opened my eyes to see if anything happened, and of course, I got my wish. The grim reaper prop was closer to me, and dangling from its boney fingers was my cat, which was a bloody mess. This was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Horrified at what I’ve done, I decided I needed to destroy it.

I brought the grim reaper in my van, along with lighter fluid and a match. I drove far away from my house, to a nice wide open field. I threw the grim reaper out of my van, drenched it in lighter fluid, and set it on fire. I watched it burn for a while, before getting back in my van and going home. Reading that poem was a horrible mistake, and I promised myself I would never do anything like that again.

For the next two nights, everything was peaceful again. For the most part at least. I was really sad about what happened to my cat, but I could never tell anyone about this. After all, who would believe that I'd caused a Halloween prop to become possessed, and it came to life and killed my cat? Not anybody sane at least. However, two nights after I burned the grim reaper prop, I read an interesting news story online.

They released to the public that two days ago, they finally found a serial killer that escaped from prison four months ago. There were pictures of the police going into the house he has been hiding inside, and arresting him. Apparently, the neighbors saw him through their window and immediately called the cops, and the cops finally found him and put him back into prison.

It’s funny how things work out sometimes…

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