Octopus plush aa sm

Opal was an orphan at the age of 5 and her 1 year old sister, Ruby, at a poorly managed orphanage. Opal had an octopus plush that Ruby would pull on the tentacles and opal would yell at her. One day, Ruby accidentally ripped off a tentacle and Opal beat her sister to death. A week later, a collapse due to a poor support beam, killed Opal and 3 other orphans.

The (repaired) plush was sold to a man giving it to his 2 year old son, who pulled on a tentacle and was found the next day... dead... mutilated, beaten to death. The plush was circled around the country until a plush collector saw Opal's reflection and Googled ghosts with octopus plush... it was pictures of the plush. All the people that pulled the tentacles... were murdered.

He found an image of a happy family, a woman named Sapphire, a father named Joe, a baby named Ruby and a girl with an octopus plush... named Opal.

He placed the image in his bathroom and Opal huddled around it saying, "Mother why?" and "Ruby I'm sorry."

The plush collector called 911 about his findings and put the plush in a safe. The next day, the safe was open and the octopus was gone. A fire started with all the evidence and documentation and Opal and Ruby were the only words saved for last. The plush was never seen again. except in the parents with dead children's nightmares. I think I hear a u.p.s. truck delivering a package for you.