I can't believe it, I'm in bed with the girl of my dreams! I've had a crush on this girl since junior year, and she had never even looked at me. Not that I'm ugly or nerdy or anything, I just sort of blend in well. A little too well for my taste. Nevertheless, just a year and a half later, we were sleeping in the same bed, literally!

How did we meet? It was just another day at work, the Lazy Fox Tavern, and she came right up to the counter and ordered a drink. I recognized her instantly, but she didn't seem to know me, as expected.

Now, you might see this as me not having a chance in hell of getting her, but seeing as she literally did not recognize me, I seized the moment and started hitting on her. It was a lot easier than I had thought it would be, thankfully. So after a few more drinks (on the house), I took her home, yada yada yada, and here we are.

For about the last hour, I've just enjoyed the sight of her sleeping. It's sort of peaceful, just watching her twitch here and there, her cute little snores.

Oh, she's waking up, I'd better get more sleeping pills for her. Waking up in a stange bed all bound and "used" could really scare someone.