Her background story starts like any other. She was born into a money lacking family, always going to school in rags or clothes that never fit. Jessica was fourteen at the time. A boy, Trevor was his name, always teased her and bullied her until she sobbed and sobbed.

Her only sanity was in her hand mirror. She would look in it for hours wondering if she was worth the life. She went to school with it, outside, and everywhere she went. Trevor was a lonely, low self-esteemed boy. He took his anger out on anyone who seemed lower in status than him.

Such a sad decision for the boy. He took her mirror and hit her in the face. Her fragile, bony face tore open like a balloon as she fell to the floor lifeless, limp, full of broken dreams, and fifty-six pieces of glass. Now we all should know that a spirit can do anything it desires.

Her spirit, craved revenge on all that wronged her. She wanted Trevor. Revenge is a worthless action and want, always hurting those in its way. Well, Trevor was going to learn that what goes around comes around. Jessica's spirit lived in the only place it knew, what it looked in, what it watched in, what it died in.

She hid in the glass that was placed in Trevor's house. Trevor did not feel guilt like any other human being, he only felt satisfaction. Everyday Jessica tried to haunt him in his own reflection, but he only saw perfection. Until she snapped and pulled him in.

Broken mirror

He was missing for fifty-six days. When the boy was found he was tucked gently in bed, cut into fifty-six pieces. Now she takes boys into her cursed realm of glass, but only if they made the same mistake Trevor made. The mistake of looking down on those who are unfortunate. The last words any of the boys hear are, "The girl, she’s cold, just like the glass that cut me. Just like the glass that will cut you!" and they stay missing for fifty-six days.

Always cut into fifty-six pieces. Let Jessica's story be a reminder of all the people lost in the realm of death. Just because one person after the next looked down on those who could only look up.