It wasn't until recently that I noticed these strange occurrences. They didn't start until that mirror came here from my newly dead Aunt Courtney's. The shadow bared upon my house is undeniable. I have always been a skeptic myself, but it's hard to deny anything when this is all around me. I can't help but believe..

I keep hearing strange noises.. I can't even sleep at night. I haven't showered in four days. I can't go back there alone.. by that dreadful mirror. I need to make sure I'm always with someone. I can't stand even the thought of being alone anywhere in this house anymore.

It just started with doorknobs turning, harmless really. But it kept escalating, doors began opening on their own, the shower curtain would be pulled shut by an unknown force, then the doors began slamming, now it's reached a disturbing maximum. I went into the bathroom this morning.. and the mirror was completely smashed. Cracks ran through it, shards of glass were all over the sink and counter. Then I saw the shadow - the shadow of a woman. She was behind me.. I was frozen in place by a terrible force. A force called fear.

There was nothing I could do but watch.. I watched the shadow of the woman creep up to the mirror. She looked in it, I could see her face. She was quite pretty, actually. But then she morphed, morphed into a disgusting old lady.

I heard my mother calling for me from the kitchen - I tried to scream, I tried to get noticed but no noise would come out of me.. just a rasp of a whisper. And all of the sudden the shadow darted out and I collapsed to the ground, the fear lost its clutch of me. My mother came walking back asking what had happened, but I couldn't tell her. She wouldn't believe me, would she? Would anyone believe me? I don't think so.

So here I am now, just hiding in my room on the other side of the house..hoping she won't come back. I am here alone. No one will believe me.. I don't know what to do. I just wish this would all go away. I feel even if I leave the house I can still feel that someone is watching me.

I took out any things that could possibly give a reflection, I got rid of my TV, my mirror, I even made a tent in the corner. There's one thing I forgot.. that's my laptop.. what if the screen could be a reflection?