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There was an old woman who lived alone on a quiet street, she was the proud owner of a fairly large home complete with a large lawn - where she kept her impressive collection of garden gnomes found from years of travel.

Each gnome had a personality in her eyes and ranged in size from the usual garden-variety gnome to a few extra-large novelty gnomes that she had custom made. The lawn was overgrown and in desperate need of attention, but the old woman wasn't able to attend to it herself.

Thus her lawn soon became akin to a jungle and many of her gnomes seemed lost in the ever-growing collection of weeds that now made up her lawn.

One night, the old woman went out after hearing a noise, yet looking around she couldn't see anyone - all she could make out were the familiar pointy hats of her gnomes, one hat seemed especially large but she dismissed it as one of her novelty gnomes and went back inside.

Yet no sooner had the old woman closed the door than she heard another sound from outside, frightened she looked out the window but again all she saw was shadows and the pointy hats of several gnomes - the large hat seemed closer but she put it down to her own nerves.

Moving away from the window the old woman decided to make herself some coffee and calm herself, which she did, the sounds from outside soon stopped and she dismissed everything as her imagination before retiring to bed.

However the old woman's sleep was disturbed later that night as a uniformed officer arrived at her door, he informed her a man had been apprehended outside her lawn, seemingly trying to gain access to her home as she slept - shocked the old woman looked over to the nearby police car and saw a man sitting in the backseat with a pointed hoodie on.

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