Johnny was an average 9-year-old boy. He spent most of his time playing video games or playing with his friends, and since his birthday party was tomorrow, he was quite excited to have his friends over. After school, he threw his finished homework on his bed and went onto his laptop. He played Counter Strike 2 for a while and then went to bed, excited for tomorrow's events to come and happen.

Morning came along. He woke up and, with excitement, he immediately got dressed for his party. He knew his friends would come at 10 AM. So at 9, he woke up his parents and got the whole party ready. An hour later Johnny's friends came, right on time. As Johnny's friends' parents drove off after dropping them off, they knocked on the door. Johnny opened it with excitement and said a big, hearty hello to his friends. They did the usual things kids did at birthday parties; they messed around, broke a few things, and jumped on the bed, having fun. Then, it was game time.

Johnny decided that they should play hide and seek. He chose Jacob, one of his friends, to be the seeker. Johnny told Jacob to count 30, and Jacob obeyed. He closed his eyes and everybody else ran off as Jacob counted.

Johnny had an idea that seemed good at the time, but they later discovered it wasn't. He would hide in the fridge. He opened the fridge, and looked at an empty spot that was big enough for him to fit in. He hopped in and closed the door, snickering, thinking his friends would never find him.

Soon, everybody was found but Johnny. Jacob looked everywhere, stumped, wondering where Johnny could be. Yet he didn't look in the fridge. Jacob got worried, and told Johnny's parents, who called the neighbors, but to help, and then they called the police.

Five days passed since Johnny disappeared, and no clues were found. A police officer was scouting the house, looking for anything else that could give a lead to Johnny's whereabouts, just in case they might have missed something.

He opened the fridge.

His eyes grew wide, horrified at what he saw.

A frozen corpse with a terrified expression on its face was in an empty spot in the fridge, and he examined it more carefully to see who it was.

It was the corpse of Johnny.