Author's note: Dillan Thomas Addington

There exists a being what resembles a child...but with one disturbing difference. If you find yourself driving down a dark country road, with only your headlights to cut through the cover of night, do not stop for anything resembling a child. It has often been spotted along the side of the road weeping into its hands. I made the mistake of stopping for it once myself...

It was a cool Spring night, dark as hell, and I was at least a mile out of town. I often went cruising, but had never seen the area that dark. It was as if the shadows crept forward to engulf my car. Even with the brights on, I struggled to see the road. I noticed a small blur to my left, near the woods at the edge of the road. I stopped, and saw it was a kid running for my car. I rolled the window down and asked if he was okay. He looked about nine or ten.

The kid didn't reply, still running at the car, with his face buried in his hands. I thought he was crying, so I unlocked the door to get out and see if he was alright. I still couldn't see his face at this point, but noticed he wasn't slowing down as he got closer to my car. I was about to get out as he leapt for the window. What happened next still haunts my dreams to this day.

As he...or it jumped at my partially rolled down window and reached through, I noticed its hand had unnaturally long fingers. There were only four of them. I leaned away shouting and began to roll up the window. It was then I noticed its face. Its head was oblong, and I saw large, black, almond-shaped eyes staring back at me. It had a small slit for a mouth, and I heard its high pitched screaming as it smacked the window repeatedly.

I threw the car into gear, and stomped the gas. I looked into the rear-view mirror to see if it was still behind me and could make out several thin figures in the darkness. Each one was about seven feet tall.

Whatever those things are, the small one must lure you in. It's the tall ones that take you.