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The story I'm about to tell you, I will tell you well. It all started at the end of the small dirt road I live on, where I used to go to relax after a hard day, and to the left at the end of the road there is a old abandoned barn.

I never really paid any attention to it, until the day out of the corner of my eye I saw a bright orange eye, looking out at me through a crack in the barn. This made me jump onto my bike in a matter of seconds.

When I got home I calmed myself down and grabbed a flashlight due to me knowing that if I didn't prove that I just saw something, it would eat away at me. When I got back to the old barn, I opened the door, and it made a creak like it hadn't been open for months.

So as I walked in, I felt a wet drip on my arm. I thought it was just water until I turned my flashlight on. I gagged when I saw that it was blood.

I looked up to my horror to see a corpse pinned to the wall above the door in a position that made it look like it was crawling down the wall, I vomited when I saw the head twisted a full 180 degrees so that it was looking down.

I looked to another wall, and there were more of them, at least twenty of them. I turned to go out the door, when I noticed the one above the door had moved down a bit. I thought it was just my mind until it tilted its head.

In pure fear, I chucked the flashlight towards the thing, hitting it in the head. It hit the floor and scurried into the darkness. I got the hell out of there, throwing a cinderblock against the door to keep them in. As I was riding home, I looked back to see them watching me through holes in the barn's walls,

"Shit they know where I live now," I mumbled to myself.

When I got home, I tried to tell my parents, but they just took it as a joke and got annoyed when I went on for a half a hour about it, so surely enough, I was grounded. I had been grounded for two days (two out of four), and looking out my window I saw two of them, one in the field and one in the brush, running up the side of the road.

They noticed me looking at them, and they just stared with those bright orange eyes. I opened my window, and the thing in the field moved up a little.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, "What do you want from me?!" then I slammed my window shut. My parents ran in and asked what the hell happened. When I told them, my mother just held up three fingers.

GREAT! Stuck in my room for five more days.

My parents went out today, so I grabbed my dad's rifle and shot one, then they scurried off. My dad noticed the missing bullets, so I'm now locked in my room. At least they haven't yet come back today.

Holy hell. After two days of not showing up, now there's at least six of them out there, but they are farther back now. How the hell have my parents not seen them yet?

Oh God, there's one on the fence between our lawn and the field. As soon as I see it, I shut my blinds, but I know it's still there. It's not like I can't do anything anymore, being locked in this room, and I think they know this.

They have just been gathering on the fence for the last couple of days, but they always head back after five hours. Maybe they need something in the barn to live?

I'm no longer grounded, and I have an idea.

There, done! I just set up some snare-like traps in the field and in the brush.

Ha! It worked. Three snares just got set off, catching two of them, it's been four hours and fifty minutes, and they've started to struggle. It's been five hours and ten minutes, and I was right. When five hours hit, they started to have a spastic attack then collapsed.

Then for the final minute, it start to let out human screams, saying "Help me," or "We've been trapped," and the most disturbing thing one said is, "We're still alive in here," before dying. But before I could get a body to show my parents who are on a small trip to a family member's house, more of them came and tore them apart, then dragged the bodies away.

They move like a spider somewhat, how can that... even... go that way?

I headed out to set up more snares, but they came charging out of the brush. I shot a few before they gave up, but I don't think I killed any. But hell, they're getting more brave. I nearly pissed my self. What was that.

Fuck, it was one of them, but it looked like three of them fused together. WHAT THE HELL. The voices in my head are telling me to go out there. What the hell do they know. I can tell. I can tell they're out there waiting, and I can hear them on the roof looking for a way in, but they won't find one. I know it because the people in my head are telling me that.

THEY'RE WRONG! THEY'RE WRONG! I was not left here by my parents so the things can have ME. Get out of my head. Glass smashing, why do I hear glass smashing? NO, you're wrong, Tom, they're not inside, they can't. Dean told me so. Oh god, they're in, they are fucking in. Dean, you bastard. Dean, Dean, why did he leave? I can't hear him anymore.

I'm all alone because they can't find me and the voices are gone, all gone. I'm alone, can't forget they're out there looking, feeling, listening.

Why aren't my parents home? They should be back. They should have been back a week ago. Maybe they were right. Maybe mommy and daddy don't want me anymore, or maybe... NO.

YES! Fucking yes... I saw my parents today, but they were not two anymore. They were one and one of those things. I have a plan to end it all, but I must wait till they leave.

Gas, check, matches, check. I'm going to burn them... THEM ALL.

It's dark. I better wait.

It's time. Can't wait. Last night they tapped on my window. They know where I am now. They're all in there... oh, ah! Yes, burn you hell spawn, burn. Oh, the screams are like music to my ears. Huh, what's this? There's little white worms falling from the sky.

Ugh, ah! My head, it burns! Oh god, make it stop *snap*.

You ever wonder when you would destroy an ant hill where the survivors go... I did, but now I know they join a different hill, in my case barn, but all the same in the end. I'm just here forced to wait for another, hopefully they kill me and free me from my body... Well it's not mine anymore.

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