Author's note: This pasta is based on a true story.


Hello my name is Denise Cassidy. I'm 20 years old and I have just finished college. So for our graduation we have thought of going on a camping trip to the mountains of Colorado. I was actually against it but don't mind it now let me tell you my story.

Story of the Eyes

All my friends and I have thought of going to Colorado for a camping trip because we just graduated. It took us 7 hours to travel because we all lived in Kansas. I actually doubted this is a good idea due to hikers missing in the Colorado Rockies. So I was a bit skeptical about it but I didn't want to ruin my friend’s fun, so I went with it. After we finished setting up our camp, I had an eerie feeling that we we're being watched from a far so I kept looking around the forest around us and one of my friends said, "Dude, calm down. You're starting to look a little paranoid. Don't worry this is a safe spot we are near the ranger station after all." Smiling all the way through his encouragement, I was reassured. After we did some sight-seeing and some hiking, we decided to call it a day due to the sun setting.

While we were cooking our dinner by the grill, I saw two red-yellowish glowing dots on the horizon and I tapped my girlfriend on her shoulder and I said, "Babe do you see that?" pointing at the glowing dots. She looks to where I'm pointing at, but to my surprise there was nothing there and she said, "Are you okay? I mean there is nothing there. Look, after we eat dinner why don't we go to bed? You must be a little dizzy from that long road trip." she said and I responded, "Yeah you're right maybe I'm just imagining things,” As we finished up dinner, I went to take a short shower and headed back to my tent as if nothing had happened.

The next day I woke up to a high pitched screeching howl and my girlfriend was also awoken by the same sound. As I checked my clock, my heart sank. It was only 3 AM and I thought to myself, "What kind of animal will make that kind of sound?” If I had to describe the sound it was like rubbing a nail against a chalk board while a person screams in pain. I was so scared that I felt shivers down my spine; I was even imagining that my hair was turning white from the fear. My girlfriend was so scared she was clinging on to me and I did the most idiotic thing a man could think of. I took a flashlight and told her, "Stay here. I'll just go to the ranger station and ask for assistance. If something happens text me or if you can't scream, you got it?" and she nodded at me. I went outside, turned on my flashlight and looked around. I woke up some of my friends. They were sort of pissed because they were really tired, but I explained everything to them and they came with me to the ranger station.

When we went to the ranger station we were shocked to see that none of the rangers were around. Not even a single one was on patrol. My heart sank even lower. My friend got an idea; he saw a gun case inside and we took a couple of shotguns and a revolver and went outside. I saw my girlfriend back at the campsite crying and she said, "Cindy......Cindy she's......" I ran towards Cindy's Tent and I was almost shocked that I could throw up. I saw Cindy's eye we're Clawed out,Her stomach was sliced wide open you could literally see the intestines that we're dangling out of her body. I knew something was here. No animal could do this. I mean a clean cut on the stomach,it's impossible. Her boyfriend Rick was shocked he threw up the thing I almost did,and he sobbed and was mourning for her. Then we realize something was behind us we turned around we saw around 20 glowing dots like the ones I saw yesterday.

Our eyes darted across the place seeing more and more Glowing eyes and we saw something horrific one of those things came close enough for us to see it if I had to describe it. It had Long Claw like Fingers Spine Extending outward which makes it visible Eyes we're red and yellowish glowing like a star or a distant flash light it was in an arch form having a hunch back and 4 horrific canine teeth that we're literal as sharp as a hunting knife t was really pale and its toes we're as long as it's fingers. My friend fired a warning shot and it went back to the darkness but my friend thought since we have guns we could kill them for what they did but well Rick wasn't thinking straight and he charged into the darkness and we heard 3 gunshots but then. We heard Rick Scream our eyes widened cause we saw his flashlight open and we saw him being ripped apart by those things I felt so helpless that I couldn't help him and I saw his shotgun fly off attached to it was his arm and then the flashlight that was near him suddenly lost battery and his screaming stopped we we're thinking this was the end but I remembered seeing his keys inside the tent they we're in.

I grabbed his keys out of his jacket and I told the other 3 that "we move in a group if those thing get near us we shoot on sight got that?" and we started proceeding to the parking area but those things we're following us and then our friend Katy tripped on a tree root and got snared to a tree branch she struggled but behind her was all those glowing eyes we looked at her for a brief moment and she got pulled in to the darkness of the forest screaming "HELP ME!!!" and we heard her screaming in pain and grunting we had to keep moving we saw our cars so we made a fast run towards it. We entered the Car and I started the engine not looking back I Drove towards the road and I sighed from relief we had escaped that terrible experience but something fell on the wind shield causing me to crash.

The same day in the afternoon I woke up realizing I’m on a stretcher and I asked the Man pushing the Stretcher "Sir where are my friends?" and he responded "I’m so sorry but they're gone". I jumped of my stretcher and I looked for the body bags I see three I was anxious yet nauseated by the things I imagined I looked inside I threw up a little and I looked at them again it was my three friends including my girlfriend but the problem is they we're missing they're eyes and like Cindy their stomachs we're cut wide open; I was crying and a man approached me and consoled me I was given a trip back to Kansas and now I’m just trying to forget all those thing I experienced. How about you have you ever had an experience in the woods where you feel like you are being watched? HE I know I have.