Green Eyes0

My name is Wesley. About two or three years ago, I went to school with a boy named Alex Treman. Nobody really gave him the sense of mind, including me. Comparing to all of the people who made fun of him, I was the worst. One day, doing our regular "pick on Alex" routine, the teacher (Mr. Pope) came over to scold us about our wrong doings, when he suddenly realized, he didn't recognize Alex.

Mr. Pope went up to him and asked, "Who are you"?

Alex pulled out a blade. He immediately lunged toward Mr. Pope and started stabbing him repeatedly. As me and my classmates were running toward the door, I pressed the emergency button. As I looked back I saw Mr. Pope, laying on the floor, with no eyes. Alex was nowhere to be found. I approached the mangled body and picked up a note Alex had left stapled to his chest.


After the incident me and my family moved to Erwin, North Carolina. I, bored as hell, flicked on the television to watch the five o' clock news. My heart stopped. There, on the television screen, was a picture of my classmates from my old school, dead and eyeless.

The newscaster spoke, Eight students were found dead at 8:24 A.M. this morning. The students reportedly had notes stapled to their chests reading: "I'M COMING FOR YOU WESLEY. THERE'S NOWHERE TO HIDE". Now I'm sitting in my room writing this. He's coming for me, and there's nowhere to hide.