Have you ever known anyone wearing an eyepatch?

How the eyepatch looks

If so, is this person your friend? Perhaps your best friend?

I'm guessing that you have always been side by side? No matter how bad your relationship has ever been, he or she has always done anything to save it, am I correct? Well, you should be careful.

In exactly four days, your friend will "lose" his or her eyepatch. If you or your friend try to prepare a reserve, it will disappear as well.

For your own safety, do not look your friend in his or her missing eye! If you do, something in the eye socket will draw your attention. Something small and white, that you cannot resist looking at. Your friend will be absolutely cool with it.

It'll grow in size, until it almost covers the entire socket. You still can't take your eyes away from it, out of curiosity. When it has almost covered the socket, you'll feel a slight sting in your right eye. Nothing serious, but enough to make you flinch. When you open your eyes again, you will notice your friend's eye is back in place. What you'll know next, is that your right eye is covered with an eyepatch...

The only way to get it back is to complete this "ritual" with someone else. But you can't do it in your current neighbourhood. You have to move to a new one...

If you do manage to not look your friend in the eye for the rest of the day, he or she has failed. They will need to find a new neighbourhood, with a new victim.

How do I know all this? Well, let's just say that I need a place to live...