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Credit to the people who made the film for this!

Now, many people say The Exorcist, filmed in 1973, isn't a scary movie, but many people died or were injured during filming.

The following are the notes of the police, who investigated, but never confirmed the cause of death.

Day One

First day of filming - One of the security guards on set disappears during the filming of a scene involving the fire explosion. He was found later inside a bag, burnt and scarred. The man was holding in his hand a lighter, and had oil all over his body.

Press Conference with Linda Blair

Guarding the inner sector of the Conference Room, one man is found with a large rash on his arm, his nails are covered in skin, and some of said skin is ripped off. It appears that the man had peeled off some of his own skin.

Investigation of Security Guard Forces

All of them were tested via lie detector, none showing any signs of lying when asked for the truth. All bags were inspected, and none had any weapons apart from their standard tranquilizer darts. However, one of the guards was abducted and never found.

Linda Blair's Injury

Today, The main actor Linda (Regan) was hurt and maintained severe whip lash upon her back and neck, and was bruised after the filming.

The machine they were using some how malfunctioned, causing it to use excessive force, but this is not going to be used in the film.

That is all that remains in the vaults, and nobody knows what happened.

Author's Notes

The next pasta I write, I will try to explain why and what must have been going on. Until then, bye.

Sorry for a short one this time, But my next one's going under much more development. I hope to write a BIGGER ONE next time. Thanks!

B.Tailsdoll 18:34, November 15, 2011 (UTC)

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