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On July 7, 2007, in the town of Eastliegh, Pennsylvania, police were called to investigate gunshots heard at a property on 49 Oak street. What they found was a brutal murder scene. In the house were the corpses of Richard Miller, 48, his wife Sarah Miller, 45, and their daughter Rebecca Miller, 12.

At the time, the evidence pointed to a murder-suicide. It seemed Richard had killed his family, and then himself.

At the time, the police did not suspect foul play. However, a new piece of evidence has come to light, revealing the possibility there was a third person in the house at the time. It is now believed that the phone call Richard received put him into some kind of trance-like state, in which he was ordered to kill his family, and did so.

When he leaves this state, it is believed he confronts the person who called him, who is now in the house, before killing himself out of guilt.


7-July-2007 14:21

[recording starts]

Rebecca: (singing 'amazing grace')
Richard: Honey, could you just be quiet for one second, daddy's recording. (sighs) North-west, 75...
Sarah: Darling, Michal called. He said Tuesday is good for him as well.
Richard: Great. I'll call him later, I just need to finish this right now.
(phone rings)
Sarah: Richard, the phone.
Richard: I know, I'm on my way!
(chair creaks)
Rebecca: Can I turn on the TV now?
Richard: sure, once I've just answered the phone.
(Ringing stops)
Richard: Hello?
Sarah: Who is it?
Richard: I don't...
Sarah: Richard? What are you doing?
Sarah: Richard! Don't ignore me!
(two gunshots)
Rebecca:(screams) Mom!
(Three gunshots)
Richard: Oh God... Oh God oh God oh God!
Richard: (sobbing) Please! PLEASE!
Richard: Get out of my house! GET OUT!
(Two gunshots)
Richard: I didn't want this Goddamn you! I can't
(Plates smashing)
(Gun reloads)
(Gun clatters to floor)

[recording ends]

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