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Lately, I have been having this strange recurring dream. For the past few nights it has been the same routine: get into bed around 11:30 P.M., check Facebook and Skype for anything new, put my iPod on charge and go to sleep around 12:00 A.M. Recently, however, things have been getting odd.

I wake up at exactly 1:11 A.M every morning and look around my room. I always think there is something present in my room, almost as if someone - or something - is watching me. I look around the room, but I never see anything. I doze off after this.

I wake up again at exactly 3:33 A.M. After waking up the first time, I do the same routine, look around the room. At this time I always check in my closet and I check behind my door. I doze off again at exactly 3:35 A.M.

The last time I wake up is at exactly 5:55 A.M. Seeing as it is winter, it is still pitch black outside. I look around again, check in my closet and behind the door, but as I'm getting back into bed, I see a thing in the corner of my room: a very tall, life-like human figure with pure red eyes and almost seaweed-like hair. It stares at me. Its eyes pierce me, almost if it is looking into my soul. Its eyes are crossed out but glowing red, almost like the operator symbol. It mutters the words, "I'm everything".

I jump up from my bed screaming, almost as if I'm thrown onto my bed, at around 8:10 A.M. I then curl up into a ball in the corner of my bed and try to block out what I had just seen and heard. This exact dream has been happening again and again for the past five to eight days. I can't eat because of how much it is bothering me. I can't think straight at all.

Help me, please.