I can practically feel myself wasting away.

Oh, not literally, of course, but it certainly got your attention, didn't it? My name is Devon McCormick. I am extremely bored, extremely hungry, and extremely fed up.

My science teacher has the most monotonous voice in the world and his jokes make him sound like the biggest asshole. For some reason, the entire class finds him funny. I think he's one of the worst human beings currently in existence.

I just want the bell to ring. There's still another half hour left of class. Fuck this. I should take a nap. My dreams are so much more fun than school.

Ah, my dream world. So vibrant! So exciting! I'm still in the classroom, but now all the students are ravenous and their eyes are bloodshot. They are angry with the teacher. This fat ass is eating in front of them and their hunger makes them moan.

“We should eat HIM!” Matt, the practical one, always has a good idea.

“Yes! His teasing can not go unpunished!” Leave it to Peggie to bring her odd sense of morals into this little plan. Even so, most agree, so Matt and Peggie lead a charge of eight students to feast on the now terrified teacher. He clings to his food thinking that is what they are after, but when Rebecca bites his chest, he gets the idea. He begins to call for help, but it is too late.

I awake to screaming. I am still at my desk, but for some reason about a third of our twenty-five student class is behind the teacher's desk. But where is the teacher? Matt turns around from the front of the room and spits out a chunk of flesh. I can hear moaning from the center of the mob. The screaming was coming from the rest of the class, now silent.

“What the hell is going on?” I ask as I stand.

Was I not dreaming? Was all that real?

And why does the mob seem angry with me?