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I loved viewing abandoned buildings with my friends Chris and Eric , The feel of broken glass and the decaying stone and moldy wood made me feel like an adventurer,Tomorrow was the day I was going to inspect My old house from when I was about 2 years old as I was 21 now. The house must have been moldy and rusted all over, so it was the perfect place to explore with my friends. After a near 3 hours of driving we finally made it to the house, as expected it was rotted and broken down.

We walked in not needing to open a door as there was no door. The stairs as I remember were placed right in front of where the door was. We began to walk upstairs first, Most of it was just dust and mold and broken blinds at every broken window. I asked my friends to wait in the living room or just go inspect the kitchen, I wanted to go downstairs into a room I have always hated since I was young, as I reached down the 19 steps of stairs I saw the metal door near clean but still had some rust I walked forward to the door ignoring the cracks and unclean water in the solid concrete floor.

I opened the door, it screeched on the floor hurting my ears, the room was pitch black, that is why I have always hated that room it doesn’t have a light and other lights never really reached deep enough in the room to see what was in it. I shined my flashlight into the room there was nothing I could see in my vision so I walked into the room going deeper and deeper into the room I could start to hear dim sounds of water dripping down from open leaks, I of course just thought of it just little rain drops from the cracked ceiling possibly above me.

I started to see something, they looked like birch wood shelves but for books with molded wood, I began to start smelling an unexplainable stench, My shoe crunched something under it I gasped loudly dropping the flashlight as the flashlight blacked out and the batteries fell out of it and I was devastated and scared at the same time I was now in complete darkness…

The ground started to feel like it was shaking I quickly rushed behind me to make a dash escape to the exit of the door, I slammed into a wall a mere 20 inches behind me I swear that was never there before, I felt up and down the wall seeing if there was an exit hole or something I can escape through. Just then I heard a loud thump throwing me to the ground a very dim light was in front of me I saw a black shadow of a man standing in the middle of the light, I was terrified, I saw his teeth and his eyes open with an inhuman smile then every thing vanished. It was pure darkness again and the wall was gone.

I stood up and began running towards the exit just as I was stopped by a claw like thick hand around my neck, I gasped for air and kicked, Then the hand was gone and my head hit the floor once again, I checked my watch, it said it was 2 hours past ignoring the time I ran, Near tears I ran towards the exit making it out and slamming the door running the fastest I have ever ran up the stairs, My friends where already in the car, I jumped in and slammed the door “DRIVE!!” I yelled to Chris as he drove off then Chris said, “How come you were only down there for nearly 3 minutes?”

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