Name: Emma Harvey Age: 25
Sex: Female Race: Caucasian
Date of birth: 23/04/1990 Date of death: 29/06/2015

Case #: 1024

The victim displayed multiple lacerations across the torso and arms, as well as a large "I" carved into the right shoulder. Although it appears this was inflicted postmortem. The victim's throat had also been cut with near surgical precision, severing both the jugular vein and trachea. Which was most likely the cause of death. 

Name: Anna Hardy Age: 26
Sex: Female Race: Caucasian
Date of birth: 12/5/1989 Date of death: 01/07/2015

Case #: 1025

The victim displayed several deep puncture wounds around the chest area, piercing the lungs. The wounds appear to have been inflicted with a sharp cylindrical object of diameter two inches. The victim also bears some similarity with case 1024, in so much as the throat has been cut using the same technique and surgical precision. Due to the incision being uniform and smooth, it is most likely that the victim's throat was severed with a scalpel or similar small blade. The victim has two large gashes on the right shoulder, resembling the Roman numeral "II." This is in keeping the previous incident. 

Name: Leah Adams Age: 24
Sex: Female Race: Caucasian
Date of birth: 10/8/1991 Date of death: 02/07/2015

Case #: 1026

The victim, as with both case 1025 and 1024, sustained a large cut across the throat. However unlike the previous victims, the incision lacked surgical precision and was far deeper, nearly severing the head completely. Suggesting the assailant was unable to use the precision blade that was utilised previously. A result of an unanticipated struggle. Once again several lacerations were present on the torso and arms. The trend of a Roman numeral being cut into the arm persisted, this time the numeral "III" was present on the victim's right shoulder.

Name: currently unknown Age: approximately 24
Sex: Female Race: Caucasian
Date of birth: currently unknown Date of death: n/a

Case #: 1027

The victim will display multiple puncture wounds on the torso, and a large near surgical incision across the throat, severing the arteries. There will also be traces of chloroform found on the nose and mouth. Exposure to the chemical should aid in her... compliancy.