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He watches

You know when you look at yourself in the mirror, and you see your reflection staring heartlessly back at you… Or when you walk towards a light and your shadow gradually grows. Normally your shadow remains lifeless, no matter how large it gets. But sometimes it just seems to… Look back… Right into your eyes…

As if it watches every movement and copies them exactly, like the fact that its just a result of your body blocking the light is just to fool you. Lure you…. Ever since the 27th of April one of my friends, Mark, who was normally quiet, seemed…. Scared... Ive kept a diary ever since.

28th April 2013:

Got to school to find the tree stump where I usually hang around was… odd. The shadows seemed strangely distorted, as if they moved to always cover me. Marks shadow seemed to face the wrong way, as Mark moved his left arm, the shadow moved its right. It was a complete mirror to him.

29th April 2013:

Same things as yesterday, but this time the sun had been very low, making the shadows massive. Marks had been projected onto a white shed, the contrast of colour between the white shed and the dark shadow on it. It seemed to stare at me. I know I'm just being paranoid but I really think something weird is happening.

4th May 2013:

Today…. Mark was taken to hospital after falling into a coma. He had been taken to a hospital a couple miles away where they could monitor his vitals as the cause of the coma was unknown.

May 5th 2013:

Back at school everything is back to normal, after Mark had gone everything returned to normal, I'm going to visit him in 3 days.

May 8th 2013:

I saw Mark today, he looked awful, all of the colour had gone from his skin, he was nothing but a white husk laying on a bed surrounded by screen flickering with his ever decreasing heartbeat. The doctors said to prepare for the worst…

May 12th 2013:

Mark passed away today… Rest in peace….

May 15th 2013:

I had the strangest dream last night. It seemed fairly normal, I was at school, playing football, badly as usual, then everyone began to disappear, slowly… one by one. Clouds covered the field… The clouds looked as if it was raining heavily, but not a single drop. Then this thing appeared… It just stood there and stared. It was black and slightly see through…. It had no legs… it just floated… I was at one goal post and it was at the other. Its red eyes stared into my soul…. I looked for a way out of the court. But the gate had gone. I just stood and stared and it did the same. I shouted to it: “WHAT ARE YOU!? ” and it offered nothing but the same soulless stare.

I began to walk towards it and it did the same… I raised my arms and it did the same… I continued to walk closer and it managed to see some features. It looked exactly like Mark. But black and with red eyes… It did everything a shadow did. It copied my every movement… I walked to touch it and my hand went straight through. Then it whispered...

I am your shadow…

And I woke up…

May 16th 2013:

My head has hurt ever since the dream… The symptoms are getting worse as the day goes on. I'm going to the doctors tomorrow.

May 18th:

The Doctors have given me stimulants to keep the headache at bay. The dreams are getting weirder… Last night I was in a house, a very large house… the wallpapers had weird etchings on them, I have no idea what any of them said… there was a map on the table, it showed a house, I recognized the house on the map, it was my own. The map was crudely drawn and had scribbles all over it. One said “5 3 8 g” backwards and another said “It took my soul, it uses my body”. Finally I got the courage to explore the house… The rooms were all filled with awful furniture and scribbles written on the walls.

The T.V in the upstairs bedroom had a familiar face on…. Marks face…. He stared through the screen with a grin on his face as the screen flickered distorting his face until eventually all of his features had been removed and nothing but a black head with red eyes remained. I turned round to see my shadow on the wall, cast by the light from the T.V. Then my shadow moved with me moving, its left arm changed and moved down its body to near its waist while its legs merged and it turned into a ghost – like creature. Shadows around its body moved and distorted its figure even more. It now looked beyond human. It raised its arms and its fingers stretched to unimaginable lengths, then it floated towards me. The T.V turned off and I was left in pitch black… The shadow had now become invisible. I saw its eyes glimmer in the distance as the house distorted and collapsed around me.

I didn’t know what to do…. I was now standing on a floating piece of wood surrounded by an empty void. It was as if the creature had destroyed my imagination so that now my brain was no longer working, it could no longer fuel the dream. The shadow was in control of the dream now.

The dream collapsed as the shadow grabbed me, I awoke and sighed in relief…

  • Date unknown* I thought I had awaken from the nightmare…. Just like the first dream the sky was immensely cloudy and everything was dark…. There was no one around but I still heard people talking…. As if I was standing in a play ground as the sounds of children and parents all talked at once. The cacophony of noise was unbearable. I couldn’t even think properly. Then I turned round.

It stood far away from me in plain sight. It wanted me to notice it. The moment I made eye contact it moved closer at lightning speed. Now at around 100 centimeters away I could feel its breathing. The whispering became shouting as it drew closer. I turned and ran.

I felt terrified, as if I was about to die. A spot in the dense clouds became clear and the sun shone through onto the surrounding field. Without even thinking I charged for the light and see a key for an engine laying on the floor where the light shone, I looked around and saw the football stadium lights which were connected to a large engine, I planned to get to the engine and shine the lights on the beast… as I picked the battery up the light faded and I fled for the engine… The creature kept appearing as it tried to hide out of sight waiting for me to pass it. I neared the engine and the creature came out of nowhere and grabbed me, I struggled to break free as it stared into my eyes, my heart began to pump faster and harder than ever before… It raised its claw like hands and dove them into my chest, blood poured from the wound as it continued to stare into my eyes…. Then as I was about to lose consciousness it whispered…

You are my Shadow……

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