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One day, when I was at school, my social studies teacher asked us to all get on a computer for a project. So going into the computer lab (That's what we call the rooms which contain the computers, enough for a whole class), I found all the good computers were taken. I was stuck with the creepy, old computer in the corner with the rickety seat.

After sitting at my seat and annoyingly trying to steady it and wait for the old fossil of a computer to boot, it turned on and I opened up Microsoft Word to begin the project.

I had written two paragraphs of the project when my friend asked for help. When I turned my back on the computer to help him, the computer started typing... on it's own.

With the keyboard. I could hear the *Click, click, click, click, click* of the keys being pushed like someone was typing. I looked back and they computer had typed.

"Get out of my System.", on Word in plain, but bold, font. I thought one of my friends was playing a prank on me and put this on as a recovered document. So just to make sure and get them back, I typed "Ha ha very funny.", into it in normal, un-bolded font.

The computer instantly responded. It typed back in even bolder font: "You think this is a joke boy? I am not being funny. I can kill you. Get out of my System. Now!"

This of course frightened me to no end, so I got one of my friends to look at it thinking it was a virus. When he finally looked at the computer screen, the text was gone. My friend said "What is it? It's just a blank document." He told me. "Nuh uh!" I snapped.

"It says it can kill me!" I shouted softly in fear, softly as to not get in trouble. He just shook his head. "I think you're seeing things man." he told me.

"It's blank." Then he went back towards his computer. When he turned his back, the text came back but when I called him back urgently, it vanished again.

He got annoyed with me and told me to stop playing games before he stormed back to his computer, ignoring me. The text appeared out of nowhere the second he turned his back again. I started freaking out. I closed my eyes hard, hoping just ignoring it and pretending it was a dream would make the text go away.

When I opened my eyes, the computer lab looked like it exploded. Everyone was dead, even the teacher. Computers were busted, some with wires hanging out, some with screens hanging by their wires, weakly swinging.

Some were tossed across the room, throwing off soft sparks. There were a couple weak fires on the floor and the walls were scorched with the explosion. There was blood everywhere. I looked around in fear and my eyes landed on a big, black... thing... heading towards me.

That's the best I could describe it. It didn't look human OR animal. It looked like... a shadow beast. I tried to move, to run, to get away from the horrid monstrosity but I couldn't feel my legs. I looked down to see why. My legs had been blown clean off. I realized that I was about to die painfully. I didn't even struggle or try to crawl away. I just closed my eyes hard, waiting for the worst to come. But nothing came.

I waited for what felt like hours, waiting for a claw to the face or a stab to the stomach. But nothing ever came. I opened my eyes to see what happened and everything was back to normal. I looked at the cursed, old computer and there was new text below the messages in less bold font. "That, and worse, is what will happen to you if you don't get out now.", it read.

I didn't need to be told twice after that display. But out of curiosity, I picked the computer screen up, looking at the bottom of it. There was nothing on there... but when I lifted the old CPU tower, there was a summoning circle on it, the pentagram symbol in a circle.

It looked like it was written in blood but the blood was dry. I had enough. I put the computer, all of it, into a trolly and put a sticky note on it saying: "DO NOT USE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE" I hoped it would be obeyed. And if not, may God have mercy on the soul who didn't heed my note.

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