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The shadows swirled and danced around inside the claustrophobic containment cell. He blinked a few times as his eyes have slowly adjusted to the darkness. As he looked around the old, worn out, grey walls. The floor was full of thin, dug-in lines...

Why was he in a cell? Who would lock him up... How long has he been here? How many hours, days, months, or even years was he here? The time passed so quickly yet so slowly. The shadows glared down upon him as he tried to get up. He quickly came to realization that he was tied up to the table, leather belts restraining his hands and legs with only his head being stationed in one place.

His memories have rushed back in, his head pounding from the sudden gain of information. The quiet hum of blood, the never ending symphony of drumbeats his heart has played. He quickly looked around in attempt to determine where he was, but fruitlessly.

Suddenly the door creaked open as a tall willowy silhouette appeared in the walkway. A cold breeze filled the room as the single light bulb flashed in dim light which illuminated the room. As the light flickered the shady figure took a step forward into the light.

At first he was blinded by the light but as his eyes have adjusted to the new source of light he saw a tall, slender figure from before standing right in front of him. Standing before him was a man, around his late twenties. His bushy, shoulder-length, crow-black hair was clearly unkempt. His eyes were covered by simple, black steampunk goggles. He was wearing a long, white lab coat as he gazed down at his patient passively and slid the latex gloves onto his hands.

"Welcome Patient." He finally spoke up with a calm and collected tone, one of a thinker.

"Who are you? Why am I here?" He asked shocked as he begun throwing himself around the table.

"Oh, how rude of me. I am Dr. Salzar and you are my patient." He grinned down at his patient who was flailing about. "As to why are you here? You have done many terrible deeds Mr. Vinnan." His grin faded into a frown of disgust.

"Wh- What are you talking about?!" He called out as he trashed around the table hopelessly. The drops of sweat slowly move down the side of his face as he bit his lip.

"You see, we live in a corrupt world. A world that needs to be cleansed. Court works in favour of these with more money, not these who are hurt or innocent. Selfish individuals sit on mountains of cash as they keep getting richer and richer from the work of the hard working. The world needs to be cleansed off of these parasites. But no, they aren't only rich... Murderers, sex offenders, thieves, thugs, and all other kinds of criminals. They will die to help out others, there is no other way they can help after all the crimes against humanity! Because after all, why should the good die when criminals live? At least for once they will be useful for something. Oh? You still don't get it!? Even if you have done your sentence in the prison it doesn't mean it is fair! You think that being in prison for ten years is enough to commentate for your ruthless behaviour? Do you think that getting intimate with God damn ten year old child will be forgotten so easily!?" He slammed his clenched fist into the steel sheeting of the table before shaking his head.

"No, it isn't. Not in the slightest. I will treat the world of criminals like you. Just because the 'lawful' court thought ten years sentence is good enough doesn't mean the community supports it! You deserve every single second of what will be your painful death. Then I shall take all your organs out and sell them. Oh but don't worry, the money I will get from them will be given to your victims! And if you are worrying about your belongings, I will take care of them in the same way I will with your organs." He laughed with a sadistic tune in his voice before leaning closer to his 'patient'.

"Oh—now, how shall I make your experience horrible? Perhaps you would like to see Tongue Tearer in action? There is also choice of burning into your flesh, writing down who you really are for everyone to see!" He leaned in closer before laughing it off. He then moved back and walked over to a small steel surgical table right next to the patient. There laid many surgical tools including grassers, scalpels and clamps. They were reflecting the light grimly as he could see his own death in these tools.

"Please, please, please! I am not the same man I was, I swear!" He shouted out as tears rolled down the side of his face. His fists clenched together as he bit his lip. He never thought of going back to that, it wasn't him any more. He is a changed person!

"Liar." The Doctor hissed out at him before slamming his fist against his chest. He let out a sudden gasp for air as the Doctor leaned in. "You are lying, criminal's never change." He growled out to him. "Now... Wave goodbye to your life of sin. I am going to cleanse you!" He laughed before grabbing a scalpel. "No one will hear you scream." 


"My work here is done." The Doctor finally spoke up as he put very last of the organs into the jar. All of them have been super cooled and ready to be sold. The Doctor looked to the side as he gazed upon the mutilated body of his victim. "Poor soul, he brought all of it upon himself. At least he died knowing he will help these in need." He sighed before wiping his tools clean of the blood and moving a cardboard box next to the bed. He then took the lifeless body and put it inside the box. He took out some tape and closed it securely. 

"That should do." He told himself before putting all of the jars onto a table on wheels and pushing it outside the room. He moved trough the claustrophobic corridors of the abandoned clinic before finally arriving in a small chamber, full of backpacks and grey sachets with labels on them: A, B, AB and O. He put each of the jars into different coloured bags. The bags were laid out with bubble wrappers and tissue paper to avoid any damage. 

As soon as he was done, he trashed the latex gloves into the bin and sat down in front of the desk of his. He grabbed a notebook before beginning to write. 

10th February 2015 

Subject Number: 152 

Subject Name: Johnson Vinnan 

Subject Age: 32 

Blood Group: AB 

Extraction Statuses:  

Heart - Good Condition 

Status: Extracted 

Lungs - Good Condition 

Status: Extracted 

Liver - Good Condition 

Status: Extracted 

Kidney - Good Condition 

Status: Extracted 

Intestine - Damaged 

Status: Incinerated 

Note to self: Kill the subject before extracting organs. 


The subject has been successfully cleansed. His remains shall be sent to his relatives so they may choose if they wish to give him a proper burial. The money gained from his belongings and organs will be sent to Mary Williams and Loretta Gerret who are now sixteen and twenty. The estimated gain will be around £650,000 if all the transactions go well. Each of the girls will receive £325,000 to compensate for all the crimes he has done to them these years ago.  

Subject Status: Cleansed.

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