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So, when I say "The Class Man", you would most likely believe I was talking about a teacher. You might also think I was referring to a man who was an amazing college student. Or if you are a real riddle-man, you just might believe that I was talking about somebody who loves to be a prankster.

I can surely say that if you thought I was talking about any of those three, you'd be dead wrong. The class man is an absolutely horrid man who has threatened me on many occasions. He is a man to fear. Just trust me on this one. You should fear his presence, his words, his offerings, his... I'm starting to lose my topic. Well the point is. If you see him, run. Just do it while you have the chance. Run. I know that I should never have given myself away. It's too late for me, but you still have a chance to avoid him before he ruins your life.

I'm sure you're wondering just what I'm talking about. Alright, backstory. It was a few years ago that I fell into this mess. I was taking a little walk through a nature preserve in the middle of the night. I was walking towards a small waterfall current wise. I looked around and to the left, I saw something that puzzled me. Part of the hill on the left side of the trail looked as though it had been drilled into but by an animal. Maybe a strong dog. I dismissed it and then glanced over to my right, the side with the stream leading to the waterfall, and I barely noticed that there was an area at top of the waterfall that looked liked bulgy small protrusion of darkness. I shined my flashlight over in that direction. Sitting atop the waterfall and facing away from me was a man. As I would later find out, he was suited in all black aside from a white oxford shirt. His hair was rather long, maybe 5 inches, but neat. This man reminded me of a butler. A classy butler hence "Class Man." I shouted at the man. No response. I called to him again. Again he didn't answer. I walked over to him. I shook him. He didn't respond. I then noticed he was looking skyward. So I waved my hand in front of him. I gave up, but as I was turning around, he spoke.

"Does the sky not look beautiful?"

"What?" I replied.

He turned to face me and said "Does the sky not look beautiful?"

"Why do you ask?"

"You noticed I was observing the sky. Yet instead of joining in, you attempted to sabotage MY enjoyment of its beauty."

"I'm sorry, sir. I thought maybe you had a mental illness because I just saw you sitting atop a waterfall."

"Well you are atop a waterfall yourself. Are YOU mentally ill?"


He then got up and walked to be directly in front of me. He then slowly placed his hand on my arm.

"I can make you remarkable."

"You can make... What do you mean?"

"Rich, Skilled, Revered, you know. Things that many people wish to have, but really they must work for it."

"Who and what are you?"

At this point I thought that he was either insane or some kind of demonic force.

"What am I? Let's just say that I have some direct influence over luck. You know. The force you must have in order for your side of the probability to occur? It is indeed a force. And I can make you god-like. Of course this too requires a lot of effort."

"If I have to work for it either way, I would much rather do it my way, because I honestly believe you are completely insane."

"I know your mother. She is very sick. Is she not, Jack?"


Now I was scared. I knew right there and then that what he said was true without question."

"A terrible illness, it truly is. Let me guess. Ovary Cancer?"

I then attempted to say: "How did you know my mother has cancer?!" What I really said was more along the lines of: "Wha. You- How did you-" I could hardly speak and it was because I knew he was a demon.

"I can save lives if god-like power is not your wish. I can save her right now. However I can't resurrect the dead, and she is about to start dying in just a few minutes."

"NO! You vile monster! How could you-"

"I did not cause her to die. So of you decline my offer to save her in exchange for your service, she will die, and it will be because of you."

"Do you agree?"

He extended his hand and I hesitated for a moment and I said, "Yes." and shook his hand.

He then told me to make demonic weapons within a year. Of course I will not put down dialogue here, as that would reveal the process. He said that if I failed to make them within the time limit, not only would he kill my mother, but he would also kill me.

My mother recovered of cancer with one month. I did the horrid process that scarred me for a while. I completed it on the 10th month. Whenever he came to me, afterwards which mind you was very frequent, he threatened the lives of others rather than try to save dying ones. Needless to say that I accepted each time. He went away for two years. When he appeared again, he said that he would stop threatening me. He also said that he would not kill those he saved or sparred if I failed to do this operation. Rather he said he would take me to Hell if I failed.

This time my son was in the hospital from a heart attack. Apparently he went into a coma and would die without the Class Man. I was reluctant at first, but then I accepted. The Class Man left. I didn't carry out my end of the bargain. Because the entire time, he was covering his chest. When he was leaving, I noticed his chest bleed. He was injured. He was dying. And I was free.

So far it's been four years since he saved my son. I still have immense guilt for those weapon processes I did. But I am recovering.

Over the years, I've realized something about when he "came" to me. None of my encounters with him did he come to me. I was always the one to come to him. Granted they were all to make sure. But still. I am the reasoned so many people were killed and endangered.

I write this to give you a bit of a warning. If you see someone sitting in a bizarre place in the middle of the night. Do yourself and hundreds of other people a favor. And mind your own business. Just run. Run from the Class Man.

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