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Hello everyone. My name will be kept quiet as it must be this way in order to get this information out to the world. You can call me "The Assistant" if you so desire. Over the course of the past few centuries, those employed in the medical fields have come and gone, but there have been "secret" hospitals sprouting as of late.

These hospitals bring in just about anyone they can get their hands on. Boys, girls, adults, the elderly—it does not matter who they snag in their web of schemes. Generally, the people who end up in these facilities have been abandoned by society. Yes, this means orphans and mental patients alike are lured into the experimentations. This is done in order to bring the population down by performing “tests” on them, under the guise of being professionals who wish to help these poor people.

Instead of delivering on their promises, however, they have committed unspeakable atrocities against the patients. I do not want to concern the grotesque happenings I have witnessed here, but I know I must. I do not know of their fates, only what is physically done to them in the facilities. They just come in, and after a while, they aren’t seen again. I am one of the doctors' assistants in these "hospitals." My job is to record all the data they acquire from their research.

I write down the conversations between the doctor and his patient, and do other tasks I would rather not speak of. Over time, I will start revealing these conversations and possibly some of the grotesque events that happen here. Please understand that I cannot disclose much information at the present time. Let's just say that the last person who tried to get the message out was replaced by me. Please, for the sake of humanity, please take heed and pay close attention to what I will be telling you in the near future. This is real, and it is happening as we speak.

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