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In 1904, an asylum prison in Clifton, Virginia was shut down by a successful petition by the growing population of residents in Fairfax County.

During the transfer of inmates to the new facility, the transport carrying the inmates crashed, some prisoners escaped and some were found dead.

So a search party was sent to find all of them.

All were found except one inmate, Douglas J. Grifon. After his disappearance locals allegedly began to find clearly skinned, half-eaten carcasses of rabbits hanging from trees nearby a bridge overpass locally known as the Bunny Man Bridge.

A second party was sent to search the area and they found the carcass of Marcus Walster, who was found in a similar way as the rabbits.

Eventually they found Grifon, and he had barely escaped due to being hit by an oncoming train. Grifon died exactly where the original transport crashed. Officers later found that Grifon was institutionalized for killing his family and children on Easter Sunday.

So for years after the death of Douglas J. Grifon, carcasses are found hanging on Halloween and some people even claim to see the Bunny Man on the bridge. So what do you choose, to believe the story, or pass it off as a myth? One thing is for sure, you'll never know if you don't look.

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