Even to this day, all I can remember was just seeing the blue all around. I know it was a long time ago, the day I awoke to this ongoing dream, but I have no idea how long it's been. I can't remember who I was before or what I am to begin with. I think I have a voice, but no idea of what to say.

This place is a forest, a tree-surrounded land that has no end. No living creatures, nothing except me, but I wonder if I'm even alive myself. Ever since the first moment I opened my eyes, there was the breeze that seems to go right through you in a cold, fast path to the North.

There is no moon, no stars and only a colorless sky. The trees soar high up as well, up to the clouds, like long black hands reaching up to the heavens. But the thing that remains the most important to me are these strange glowing circles, floating in the air up and down, all around me. They illuminate their path with a vibrant blue, which covers all the forest with the same color. I'm not quite sure whether I'm the air, a tree or one of those circles. I decided it didn't matter; nothing spoke and nothing ever changes about their light.

Here it's always nighttime. I once tried to find a way out, but there seems to be no end. I don't know the time, nor the day, or even if time exists in this place at all. I'm never hungry, I never thirst and I have no need to sleep.

Perhaps I'll be here always, but I have a feeling there is no life I can go back to anyway.

But that's fine. The circles are my friends. Sometimes I hold one in my hands and I feel a tingling warmth. They also sometimes emit a small humming sound. I like it. It's smooth and flowing, just like the blue light–unearthly and angelic.

I don't know where I am or what they are, but I feel it doesn't matter anyway. I never feel anything at all, so inconvenience never comes to me. The ongoing night keeps going on and on, and I simply remain the one soul that lies in this blue wood.