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"The Blue Faced Baby" by CrazyWords01:39

"The Blue Faced Baby" by CrazyWords

Quiet my dear. By Abysmii

I got angry at the baby, and at my ears.

I really didn't mean it.

I was just really annoyed, I didn't wanna hear.

Ok, I was annoyed.

He wouldn't shut up, my dear.

I gave him a toy.

But I can still hear.

So I slowly got more mad.

Until I couldn't bear to hear.

I just sat there,

and covered my ears.

Just waiting,

As my madness went up a tier,

Just waiting,

Wanting to disappear,

I wanted to control,

I wanted him here.

So I picked him up,

And called him dear,

I took him to the bathroom.

I filled up the tub, oh, my ears!

And stuck his face in it.

The bubbles stopped, now I couldn't hear.

I put him in his cradle.

Like a master puppeteer.

Mom found him,

He'd been in a case for one year.

I don't feel bad,

I don't feel endeared,

I don't feel sad,

I don't miss my dear.

He's now a blue-faced baby,

I liked making him blue, like a drowned buccaneer.

Written by CrazyWords
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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