I am the bringer of darkness.

A painting of The Bird Of darkness

I bring the fear in children at their bed time. I am also within you. The darkness you seek, is within you. I am inside you. The thing you fight is in you, myself is causing you fear more of the darkness you fear, is within you.

I spread my wings over the world when it turns night time. My sister, The Bird Of The Sun, banishes me to darkness at day, and I escaped to the world. The eclipse is not science, it's ME. The moon is one of my being, every one thousand years I bring the moon to hide the sun from you. Soon, I will kill my sister, and turn this world into a world of a black sun.

Until then, I watch you. The night is a living thing. The night is me. It's not just a ball of rock and burning balls of plasma is the sky. It's my wings covering the world from the light and the stars are the patches of my wings and the moon is my one eye watching the earth.

I, The Bird of Darkness, will soon take this pitiful planet MINE. Soon, just soon.....