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A few years ago I suddenly remembered about a village I once visited. It was a friendly little village I discovered by chance while traveling alone.

I stayed there overnight and received a most heart-warming welcome. For some reason I don't know, I felt an urge to go there again.

I have good memory and was pretty confident that I remembered the way to get there. Once near the village I spotted a familiar sign post from my car; which, if my memory was right, should have read "___ km to __ (the village's name)."

But strangely enough all there was on the sign were the words "The Big Head-O". I had a bad feeling when I saw it but still decided to drive on.


When I arrived at the village I found it deserted and the buildings were covered in weeds. I was deeply puzzled and was about to get off the car when I saw, about 20 metres ahead of me, something that looked like a human with a very large head looming out of the bushes.

What? What is this? While I was trying to understand what was going on I saw other similar creatures coming out all around me; moreover, they started to come after me moving in a grotesque manner, with their arms lying still against their sides and their large heads swinging side to side…

I was glad I hadn't left the car.

I let the car run backwards at lightning speed and joined the main road. Afterwards I checked my map but the location of the village I visited a few years ago and the place I went on that day were unmistakably one and the same. However, I don't think I will dare to go there ever again.

Written by Sachem31
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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