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Hi my name is Frank, I live in a small Polish town called Brody. Its not a very big town but its big enough to fit 200,000 people. Anyways here's my story. I used to go to school at Red Berk, everyday we would have a person from the town to ring the town bell to wake up all the children in the town.

Then we would wake up and get dressed and go to school which was our daily routine, until one Wednesday. That morning I expected for the bell to ring at 6:20 AM, but no sound. I said to myself, "That's odd I thought I bell should be ringing already?"

I got out of my bed and walked to my dad's room where he and my mom slept. They weren't in their bed together, I figured they woke up before me so I went into the living room. They weren't there either, so I checked around the house to figure out that no one else was in the house, but me.

I walked to the front door and opened it, I felt the fresh morning breeze in my hair. I walked outside to see all the cars still parked and my mom and dad's too, I was feeling a bit nervous. I mean it was a bit odd that my mom and dad's car was still parked, but they were no where to be found!

So, I looked around and saw no one, no other people were here, but me. I felt a bit scared now, "Am I dreaming?" I said to my self, later that day I walked to the Town Bell. I saw that the Bell Ringer was not even there. I.. felt the need to panic, I mean I'm the only person here!

Suddenly I heard a faint voice coming from behind me, it said "FRANK!" in a really loud and angry voice, I turned around to see... my own self! Standing right there In front of me!

I stood in fear saying to my self "Its just a dream Frank, Calm down."

Again I heard the voice, "It's not a dream Frank, your the only human on Earth, I am just a duplicate your mind made up."

"Wait.. your telling me that somehow I am the only person on the whole entire Earth?"

"Not exactly, your in another dimension, you somehow wound up here in your sleep."

At that moment I felt the loneliness crawl its way up my spine. I Stood there crying calling for my Parents. At that moment I heard the Bell ring! It startled me, but it also made me feel safe from the silence. I turned around to see a little girl standing in the position of the Bell Ringer, I said to her, "Who are you, where am I?" The little girl spoke in a deep mans voice that made me feel scared to the point I could no longer stand still, "You, you're not supposed to be here"

"What do you mean?"

"You messed up the time fragments you buffoon!"

"What do you mean!?"

"I'm saying that you destroyed the sequence of forward and backward!"

At that very moment she started speaking some kind of devilish language, and after that I fainted! When I woke up I was in my room, the Bell was ringing for school. I could hear my mother coming in the room saying:

"Wake up Frank you don't want to be late for school."

I was so happy that I was back in the present at that moment.

To this day I wonder how that happen, that how I went somewhere I've never been. All the answers lie in the little girl.

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