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One day, it was peaceful. Birds were chirping as I woke up. I heard a cracking noise on my bed. My bed suddenly fell down and debris scattered throughout my room. I finally decided to go to my computer and buy a new bed.

Once I cleaned the room, I dumped it out the window, and went straight to the computer. I searched up "Amazom" and didn't care about the spelling mistake. When I searched "Amazom," there where 1 website showing on Google. It says "Famous Beds."

I found lots of beds on the website. There were three options; "Old Beds," "Modern Beds," and "All." The title also says "The Famous Beds". I was pretty impressed that I found a website full of beds. I clicked on "Old Beds" because I've seen old beds and they look pretty detailing. I found beds from 1870s to 1950s. I was surprised. There was tons of beds that I wouldn't buy, but after scrolling down a lot, I got bored. I grabbed the remote and turned the TV on. I changed the channel to the news, and watched... And this is what the news said:

"There are 5 people who disappeared. We are not sure if they were kidnapped, murdered, or attacked by wild animals. We sent out our team to investigate what really happened to the 5 people... We will be back soon on FOX news!"

"Heh, if they were kidnapped, that would be pretty predicting..." I sighted. I continued to scroll down to the bottom page. On the bottom of the page, I saw a bed called "Nightmare." Why would they call it Nightmare, anyways? It just doesn't make sense. I clicked the bed and saw something weird. "How many people that bought this: 5," then "How many people that viewed this: 6." I was the 6th person to click this bed. I clicked "Buy this."

Then, a pop up said, "You will have to wait ONE DAY LEFT for the bed to come." That was pretty creepy, but I'm pretty sure I didn't really care. So the next day, I heard a ding dong. I went downstairs and opened the door. I saw a young man followed by a old man. They walked straight in the house without asking to go in and placed the bed in my room. But I didn't mind. The two men were grinning. I was starting to think why they are grinning. But that doesn't matter because I really wanted a new bed and my back was hurting from last night sleeping on the couch. They walked straight out and went to the van. I was happy that I got my new bed.

When it was dawn, I went to my new bed and went right back to sleep. For some reason, I woke up, so I went outside to smell the fresh air, when suddenly, I heard breathing behind me. It whispered, "Hello, young man..." Then he pulled out a knife and tried to stab me.

I woke up, it was morning. "That was a nightmare," I thought. When I sat up, I saw a head staring through my window. I stared at him and noticed that the head was rising. Then when the head got higher, I saw that it was severed. I screamed and woke up again. "What's happening?!" I screamed. Then I heard some wind. The house was torn apart and starting to fly over a tornado. And woke up again. "Oh my god! When will it stop!?" When I took a peak out the window, I thought my house was floating in the sky. Wrong; My house was falling from the sky like a meteorite. I saw the clouds and the horizon. The sky getting whiter until I almost hit the ground. I woke up again.

"This is getting old." An angel appeared on the front. And after few seconds, I asked, "Who are you?" "You were getting nightmares from that bed, so I decided to get you back to the real world." And then I woke up. Five minutes later, everything was acting normal. "Thank you, God, for bringing me back," I talked to the sky. I went downstairs to look at the news. "We figured that the website called '' was the one making the 5 people disappear. We blocked the website and found the 5 people. We were glad they were safe. People may not believe this, but the bed that was build in 1923 was called Nightmare, which when slept in makes you disappear and comes back. This was Fox News!" I smiled and became happy. I forgot about those crazy dream after 2 days.

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