Sometimes I can hear it pacing around my bed. It's kinda in a hurried motion, as if he had more than two feet. Which he doesn't. I know because sometimes I catch a glimpse of him. He looks a bit anorexic, if he's even human. For all I know, he could have been buff for his kind, if there is anymore of "his kind." God, I hope not.

His mouth is wider than anything I have ever seen. I think he either broke his jaw or has no jaw. Another thing that doesn't help the fact is that his large, gaping hole of a mouth is accompanied by two beady eyes with black skin surrounding them.

Another thing that I know is that he is blind. I once met his eyes, but he turned as if I wasn't there. I try to meet his eyes a lot, but I get no response. What makes up for his loss of eyesight, is his sensitive hearing. Once my cat jumped off of the couch and the beast heard it from my room. He bolted out of my room, and then silence.

The next day my cat was found dead in the backyard, and they all thought a coyote or a stray dog had killed it. I could only make out a huge, human-like bite mark under its torso. He had killed it. He had to have, I have never seen anything that could make a bite so large. All I could say is that a coyote could not have possibly created such a huge bite.

Tonight was a different night. I had to sneeze, and I did, but the pillow muffled it. I didn't think he noticed. He just turned and scratched my closet door, at least, that's what I thought he was doing.

After awhile it seemed as if he was writing something, to my amazement, he was. I started freaking out once I lost sight of him in the darkness. The only thing that calmed me was the complete silence. My pupils dilated and I could see in the dark. I saw in the corner where he once creeped too, and he wasn't there.

Then I heard at the foot of my bed, a growl, like an angered dog's growl. My heart sunk deep into my chest and my heart rate must have slowed down a lot. Even after this, I dare not move. As it crawled slowly; closer to my face, I read its message, carved into my closet door.

"I heard you..."