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When I was a little boy, two-three years old, my parents set up a baby gate at the bottom and the top of the stairs. It was to prevent me from going up or down the stairs, because if I fell, I could've been seriously injured.

These gates stayed with me for a long time. I thought it was kind of stupid to still have them when I was nine years old. After all, I was pretty much capable of not falling down the stairs, but every night, my parents always told me to make sure the gates are closed before I go to bed.

I found that strange, and to be honest, kind of frightening, I mean they were probably just being over-protective, and just looking out to make sure that I was okay and that I didn’t get any injuries in my own home, but still, when I told my friends they laughed at me, being immature and calling me a “big baby”. One night though, I decided to get a glass of milk from the kitchen downstairs, so I walked downstairs, poured some milk out of the jug into a glass and then went back upstairs, I left the gate at the top of the stairs open, and it was really difficult for me to sleep that night, and I swear that before I went to sleep, I saw a pair of yellow, menacing, demonic eyes.

I had a nightmare that night, it was that my parents had been murdered, and I was standing over their tomb, everyone crying, all I could hear though, was the crying of a baby, getting louder and high-pitched every few minutes.

I woke up, and I smelled something putrid, I rubbed my eyes and stepped out of my room and I smelt the smell, and it was coming from my parents room, I walked in there and all I could see was blood all over the room, my parents’ heads were cut off, but I could hear something, it was a baby crying, like the one in my nightmare.

I walked over to where the sound was coming from and I lifted up the blanket that was covering. A baby. A baby with small hands and smooth skin, I had no idea where it came from, but it started giggling, giggling quite loud as well, almost as if it was mocking me, laughing at my demise, after a couple of minutes it stopped laughing, and then opened its eyes…

It's yellow, menacing, demonic eyes…

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