My wife had very recently had a baby boy. He was the loveliest thing on the planet to me. He was all I could think of when I went to work. I would miss him so much. One day, when I came back home, I called for my wife. She didn't answer, so I thought she was sleeping with Séan (His name), which wasn't unusual. She would do that when he was asleep. My wife gets tired easily nowadays.

I opened the door to our room as quietly as I could, fearing I would wake them both. As I looked in, I could not see Séan. I saw my wife, asleep like I had expected. I shook her, attempting to wake her up. When she did, I asked her where Séan was.

"I don't know dear," she replied, not sounding as worried as I had thought she would be. "Maybe he's in his playroom with his toys."

So I went into his playroom. To my relief, he was sitting there with his toys. But something was strange. He was barely moving. It didn't even look like he was breathing. I went to him to say hello. He didn't turn around. I went around to the back of the room to see him. But he had no face. All that was there was skin and hair continuing to grow over it. It was like the back of his head was pasted onto the front.

I noticed for the first time that the toys weren't toys. They were all weapons, ranging from knives to shotguns. And he was playing with scissors. When I got close enough, he tried to jab me in the eye with them. I tried to get out of the room to warn my wife, but there was no door to the room, only more of the wall. It was exactly like him, the back pasted onto the front, the back wall pasted onto the front wall. He came up to me with the shotgun, about to shoot.

And then I woke up. It was 3:45 AM on Saturday. I went to my son's crib to make sure I wasn't still dreaming. Sure enough, he had his sweet little face back. It was all a dream. There was nothing to worry about. Except that I wasn't sure my son was real. In fact, I started seeing little hinges on him, like a doll. And then his face started to come back off. I took him and bashed his head on the wall. There were no brains, no skull, no nothing. It was a doll. My wife is calling the police to inform them of the dolls. There are more. Everywhere there are more.