On January 3, 2007, while broadcasting an episode of the Canadian television documentary "Mayday: Head-On Collision", the Australian broadcast channel "Channel 7" experienced a weird malfunction. This is a real story.

The Malfunction

During the airing of a documentary on air travel disasters, the audio from a previous news broadcast somehow replaced the original show audio. The disturbing thing was, no one knows how it happened. The audio itself was from a story about an attack on a Haliburton convoy. The only audio was a looping track of a truck driver called Preston Wheeler reacting to an ambush on the convoy he was driving. For five disturbing minutes, all the people watching the documentary could hear is, "Jesus Christ, help us all, Lord." The Haliburton attack story stated that three people died in the attack, and two people were injured.

The Aftermath

The weirdest part of this story, however, is the fact that everyone affiliated with that particular story denied the fact that there was ever a mix-up. The spokesperson for the channel stated to the press that, "It was a technical glitch due to an audio problem" and that "the line actually is from the documentary." One of the viewers said this... "I was channel-surfing and heard this weird sound being repeated. It caught my attention as it was very odd, a bit creepy. There was a visual montage, but when the soundtrack began and I listened closely, it was a loop repeating, 'Jesus Christ'.

At first I thought it was a part of the show, but in 10 to 15 seconds I heard it say 'Jesus Christ' more than 20 times. I thought it was some kind of subliminal message, or that someone must have hacked in. I tried ringing the station for several minutes, but they never picked up. I've never seen anything like this before, and I'll probably never see anything like it again."

No one looked into it. No one bothered trying to find out. No one spread the word. Because why would they? They certainly did a great job of covering it up...


Channel 7 Audio Screwup01:32

Channel 7 Audio Screwup