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Not much is known about the Los Alamitos Haunting. Some say it was a one day event, others say it constantly goes on. The house was built in the late '80s, second family owners, the Miltons, ( real family name held in private ) moved in during the mid '90s, Jeff grew up with two older brothers that had moved out of the house by 2010.

His best friend Franky was like family, always over and doing small writing projects for school. One day Jeffs skateboard rolled into the living room, while Franky was busy on his laptop, believing Jeff kicked it over from the adjacent kitchen room. As Jeff walked over nearly tripping over the board, Franky made a comment that Jeff  had placed it there unbeknownst to him. But Jeff had no ability to do that, as the board was upside down on the counter the last time he saw it.

The Haunting

During the fall of 2011 Franky and Jeff had minor paranormal activity going on, one seeing what the other could not. Closet doors would open in the guest room and floor boards sounding in the night. Kitchen lights would go on, and bathroom doors would shut. The two had bought over 4 GoPro hero 2 cameras to record anything. Hours wasted on the limited capability the cameras would record and shut off in just a few if not couple of hours.

One day they were lucky. The two had recorded a door opening as they walked down the hallway to their rooms one night, the duo set cameras to record at every angle, as they proceeded to walk the disturbance would settle until their full attention was on the phenomenon. Days would go on before another incident would happen. It seemed as though the more attention they gave the haunting the less it would occur, but the more ignorant they would go about it, the more the paranormal would crave their attention.


Since the last recording of the incident was posted to show family members the other wordly happenings. The haunting has died down, but once you step foot in the house, you know what is waiting. Some say its like cold white eyes stare at you and watch you sleep, mirrors are not to be trusted, they seem to have been some gateway to more paranormal experiences.

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