I'm just so alone. My boyfriend meant the world to me, and he just dumped me. He told me he doesn't like it when I watch him in his room through his window. Little does he know I video tape him, so I can watch him forever...

He even had the nerve to tell me he didn't like the gifts I gave him. I guess my fingernails and roadkill wasn't enough for him. He told me he doesn't like the fact that I follow him everywhere, I just need him to guide me. He even told me he doesn't like the pictures I draw him, he says they're too violent, it's just a drawing of me stabbing and beheading some people, not really a big deal, he's just so sensitive.

I just really miss him, I want to see his handsome face again. I look up to the ceiling to see him nailed into it, how convenient. That definitely was a good spot to put him. Damn, a drop of his blood just fell on my shoulder! I'm so annoyed! Whatever, that's just life.