Thank you.


First off I want to thank you, the human civilization. I want to thank you for helping me metamorphose into what I have become today. Your amelioration in the medical field has helped me develop into quite the distasteful killing machine, immune to every antibiotic ever devised by your hands. By the minute my harrowing pestilence claims more and more lives of the innocent and plunges the world deeper into damnation. The deceased litter the streets, covered in the alluring open sores I have graced them with. Their lifeless bodies decorating the municipality, welcoming all foreigners.

The blood, tears, and pain that will inevitably permeate through the entire environment will all be in honor of you, the robust human race. I cannot thank you enough for your obsessive desire to explore for it has helped me too discover new venues to circulate. Now, wherever you venture I will be there to greet you with outstretched arms. There is no need to feel dread for you will all meet the same fate as the ones before you. The same gradual, agonizing death as trickling sores develop on your frame and your organs begin to deteriorate and shutdown. As you live your concluding hours in excruciating pain, I will be there thanking you. Even when your carcass is being devoured by the vultures, I will be thanking you. Thanking you for allowing me to flourish, and who knows maybe the last survivors will come relish the scenery I have left behind.