This weekend was the most traumatic one of my life. I cannot explain this other than describing the entire situation.

I had major creep vibes, the hotel we stayed in was a nightmare. Luckily, I had my texting buddy Sarah with me.

"Do u wanna hang out after dinner?" A message! Something to do.

"Sorry, staying in NYC for the wknd.:(" I replied without a second thought.

"Oh. Good thing we're neighbors!" she replied. 

That hotel was certainly strange. The walls crawled, and at night I heard voices. Due to this, my parents had a talk with me. They asked a few useless questions about my social life, if I were intrigued by the occult, whether I've been doing drugs or not, you know, usual paranoid parent stuff.

The walls still bothered me though. I saw them moving last night, and I can't shake this one feeling. They're trying to tell me something.

"U can hang out tomorrow rite?" Ah, my texting buddy Sarah was the only thing keeping me alive through this nightmare.

The last night of my stay was by far the worst. The time I spent in that dark prison will scar me as long as I live. I heard voices, quiet, yet oddly familiar.

"Don't return, HE's waiting. Don't return, HE's waiting. DON'T RETURN HE'S WAITING!!!" This went on for hours, and waking my parents was hopeless, they'd been up all of the last night telling me I wasn't going crazy. Plus, after what they'd done for me, I didn't want to. That, and I was terrified to move, when I tried to leave the area I was in, the voices got louder and pierced my mind. I sat curled in the corner until the sun rose, and gradually, the voices went away. I spent the rest of that day trying to regain my sanity. I know I will never go to that hotel again. I forgot about it mostly, but I still wanted to know what the voices meant. I can't complain, I know now.

"Bonnie! Dinner's ready!" I rushed down the stairs in a frenzy only to be briefly halted as I went by the old bunny eared TV in the dingy building.

"Boring old news. No thank you." I thought. I trotted towards the table, but froze when I heard the anchorman speak words ascent from Hell itself.

"We are very sorry to say that there has been no evidence in the case. Sarah Gordon of ******* PA was the latest victim of an ominous rapist. Her body was found in the basement of her home with numerous stab wounds late last night. There were no other signs, except her phone, which was missing.