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Old Tape

Weeks after the event of our graduation, my friend and I were job hunting we found this ad in the newspaper. It looked sketchy but we didn't care. We kept reading, it said that they were looking for creative minds to reboot old toys at this building that opened a few weeks ago.

So me and my friend thought it sounded good and sent a letter to the owners. Some weeks later we got a reply it said they couldn't wait to see us there for our tour of the building and introduction.

We arrived two weeks later at a brick building it was 4 floors tall it had a glowing sign that read 'Play Mates', our boss, an older man around his late 50s with light grey hair he seemed like a nice person he was wearing a black suit with a red tie, gave us the tour. On the first floor was a set of stairs and a reception desk with no one at it.

We went up stairs he showed us the offices, again with no one at the computers, We asked him why was no one there and he replied "It's their day off."

"Oh." me and my friend Kyle said at the same time.

So we headed up to the next floor which had a few machines and the room was crowded with boxes, the next floor was a suite where the boss stayed while everyone was working.

The next day Kyle and I went to work, we sat at our offices on the third floor that was now filled with men and women. Me and Kyle sat at offices next to each other and started to search for inspiration on how to improve on these old toys. Across the room was an old vintage white fridge that was beginning to turn yellow, we wondered why it was there, we opened it out of curiosity there were some tins of Cola we cracked the two bottles open and began drawing and designing.

Someone else there told us that there was a box filled with old toys from the 80s and 90s was in the corner this is what kind of toys we were working with. Me and Kyle opened the box and a pool full of nostalgia came flying at us and memories came flying back and how much we loved some of these toys. We saw this old teddy that looked oldest of all, it played tapes. Kyle grinned and said 'I remember this, me and my sister played with this all of the time!' he took it out of the box and said "Let's work on this!"

Some time later we had came up with nothing, it was the end of the day, we told our boss that we couldn't come up with anything he said we can look through the building for some inspiration.

The next day we had asked our boss could we look through the building and he said yes. So we did, we were looking through reception and found a loose tile we pulled at it in curiosity and we found an old looking ladder leading down to an old basement. It looked like no one had been there for years it was made completely from stone. It had shelves made from metal that had rusted over time. We looked at them and saw a really old cassette that looked like it had been made around the same time as the bear. We analysed the room more as we looked, we saw hooks on the wall and a metal table that had again rusted it had old rusty tools like saws, hammers, knives and cleavers. We took the cassette in secrecy and told our boss about the basement but not the cassette. He was shocked when he saw the basement and told the police.

He thought it was a murder room. We ignored it and let the police do their business. Me and Kyle put the cassette into the bear and it began to move and play the tape. It sounded like a woman crying and begging for her life, she started speaking gibberish while crying, there was a man with a deep voice he spoke the words, 'Shut up bitch, or I'll make it worse for you!' She began screaming 'NO, NO, NO!' there were sounds of metal rustling, it sounded like tools.

Me and Kyle were almost crying. Kyle said "I'm done with this!" and tried to take the tape out of the bear it, it was jammed. The tape continued.

'No... not the hammer, PLEASE NO, NO!' there were sounds of blood gushing and crying, she was not yet dead. By the sounds of it he had took her off the hook. It sounded like he was loading a pistol of some sort there was a cocking noise. Then there was two gun shots. All went silent then we heard whimpering. He must have knee capped her then beating her with some sort of wooden weapon like a plank or bat. Then all went silent yet again. Then there were light chuckles that soon turned to laughing which became demonic and hysterical.

We threw the bear on the ground both crying Kyle grabbed the fire axe and started beating the bear with it, the tape stopped. Kyle dropped the axe. Tears dropping from his cheeks, we took the parts of bear and put them in the garbage disposal which would soon be burnt.

Some weeks after the investigation the cops had found that it was a murder room. The basement belonged to a maniac who had been deemed as anonymous and the DNA results had came in the woman's name was Ashley Heavens.

The police said they would investigate more as me and Kyle carried on with our life we got children and wives we were still best friends and still scarred we didn't know whether we would ever forget it but we hoped some day we would. Two years had gone by and we got other jobs we worked as psychiatrists as we knew how to deal with problems as we have had big ones before.

The police still don't know who it was and are still trying to find out to this day. Later on at our new jobs I was sitting on my chair, and a kid around the age of 9. I asked him what was wrong, he said he had problems with a tape. I froze thinking about the tape I had heard with Kyle. The boy was crying thinking about the tape he had heard. I asked him how he had gotten it and where he had found it.

He said he found it on a road just lying there. I told him to calm down as I had the same experience and I said, 'Don't worry. You're not alone. The same thing happened to me. I'll help you get through this.' I hugged him and told him not to worry.

Credited to Thomas Kell and Dylan Drumgoole 

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