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Gold crochet hook

In a certain town find a knitting/crochet Shop and approach the counter. There will be a table with old women knitting and gossiping as per usual. Do not mind or bother them. When you are at the counter, ask for a W17 hook and C4 needles. The owner will say:

“We might have some in the back.”

Follow them to the back. They will take you to a back room and walk in. They will close the door, once the door is closed feel the back wall and you will find an old wooden plank door.

Open it, and you will find yourself in a moonlit path in the woods. Follow the path, but you must keep moving forward and never look back lest the darkness overtake you. You will find a cabin. The front door leads to the hook and the back door leads to the needles. You may get one or the other, but you cannot have both, and this will only work once.

The Hook

Upon entering the front door you will find an old hag. She will be revolting but appealing in an odd way. You will notice that she is crocheting with a golden hook with silver details on it. As you enter, she will say, "Take a seat." Take the chair in front of her which is facing her (it will not be very comfortable, but do not worry), and as you sit there she will start telling you the story of your life from your conception to your death, in painful detail.

As she tells the tale you will feel as if your life is draining out of you, and she will be appearing to become younger. But you must not attack her, for she must finish the tale for you to survive. You will notice that she seems to be making a yarned version of you in your current state.

As she is coming to your death in the story she will start to finish up the creation and you will feel as if you are hundreds of years old, barely able to move, but once she says you died she will pull out a pair of rusted scissors to cut the yarn. You must grab hold of the yarn before she cuts it. It will be difficult to do so, but as you grab it, your life will start rushing back to you and you must unweave the whole thing (this will not take long). As you are doing it, she will shriek the most horrific shout, and your ears will burn, but you must keep unraveling the doppelganger of you, and she will start unraveling.

Keep doing so until she is nothing more than a pile of yarn on the floor. Once that is done, find that golden hook. If you have this, you will have opportunities to redo and fix any future event all the way back until the point when you received the hook. Word of caution about the hook: not many men can handle the memory of multiple strands of history. In addition, you will not be able to change anything after you die.

The Needles

Upon entering the back door you will see an old hag, the same one as the one with the hook, but instead she will be knitting with 2 knitting needles, one of onyx and one of ivory. She will say, "Take a seat." Sit in the same chair. She will tell tales, and as she does so, she will be knitting what appears to be a web.

It will grow and grow. She will tell the story of every conspiracy from the beginning of time and it will be the accurate version. She will tell every government secret in such detail so if you repeated what she said you will be deemed insane and be locked up for life in a mental institution (so it's best not to do that) .

However, some of the conspiracies and secrets are maddening in and of themselves. But you will know, from what is in area 51, to what is really under the Sphinx. But that isn’t the real prize. Once she gets to the current day she will say “as of now,” then follow it up with one more statement. You must take the golden scissors and stab her with them lest you be trapped in the room till your demise when she cuts the yarn. When she lies dead, grab the needles. You will know what happens in the future and will know the outcome of anything. People will never successfully lie to you, for you will know the truth, and the government wont be able to cover anything up for you. But you do not want them to know that you know, or you will be eliminated.

Once you have retrieved the item, just open the door out of the room and you will find yourself back in the shop. Thank the owner for their help and bid the ladies farewell and head on your way. However, for whichever path you decided to follow, just take caution, because some powers for men are not meant to have. Many have destroyed themselves and their families because of these items. You may get riches, or you may get ruin. Just be careful, that is all I say.

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