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The bully kept hitting me, and hitting me. His face distorted with rage as he repeatedly punched me. I tried scooting away from Marcus, the most popular kid in school. He kept coming, I closed my eyes, waiting for the worst. But nothing came, I opened my eyes, and glad I had, for there was a person there, but she was not normal.

She had deep black wings that were at least fifteen feet long. Her eyes were like human eyes, but a dark purple. She wore all black but she gave a black field around her body. I was frozen, so scared I couldn't move. She disappeared.

That was when I ran, ran as far as a could. It was night outside the school. The dark angel, I'm guessing, was flying over head. I kept running. Then the darkness crept around me, suffocating my sight to three feet in front of me. I stopped, I didn't want to run into anything, and then she appeared. The darkness faded and I was standing in front of a statue pedestal, the angel was perched on top with her wings spread out.

A lightning bolt struck her and a white field swirled around the angel. Then she spread her arms out and clapped her hands together. That's all I can remember from that night. But as I crouch here on top the school observation tower, I look for my next sad, and beaten target. For I have my own pair of wings, and now I am the Dark Angel and I have been taken away.

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