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Number: TPSC 001

Danger level: Life Threatening

Description: The Matter Bug is a species of bugs that is life-threatening. It flies into the victim’s mouth where it lays eggs. It dies, but leaves nutrients for the eggs to hatch.

It’s nearly impossible to find out if you are infected.

In five days, the eggs hatch and start to eat the victim alive. When they are big enough, they make a sort of nest in the victim. The nest grows slowly until it pops.

The body of the victim is, after the nest has popped, quickly eaten by acid that only leaves the bones of its victim behind.

The Matter Bug usually lays between the five and ten eggs, but there are some Matter Bugs that can lay up to twenty eggs.

Treatment: There is a treatment if you are infected. The body must be cooled between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius (or 32 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit) in the first twenty-four hours of infection. In these twenty-four, hours it is critical to be cooled. One-hundred percent of all people who are cooled are cured. After these twenty-four hours, the chance of survival decreases by 5% every hour. That means if you are forty-eight hours too late, you are definitely dead.

If the body is cooled after twenty-four plus forty-eight hours, and the eggs haven’t hatched, you've got a living time bomb. If the body warms up above the 10 degrees Celcius / 50 degrees Fahrenheit it will explode, scattering the bugs and acid everywhere in a radius of a hundred meters.

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