A few weeks ago two kids went missing, and the camera they took with them were found just outside of the graveyard they were last seen going into. It only has 30 seconds of footage on it. The video shows the footage and explains all the above.  So far this is all the leads the police have to the whereabouts of the two kids.

This video may not work as the footage is classed as evidence from the police and by the time you read this it may have been taken down.

In case it has I'll tell you what was on it below.  If it plays, there is no need to read the text that is written in bold:

First Part:

The footage starts with the camera panning around a graveyard (clearly an old one as all the tree's appear to be over grown). As it pans across, you see what appears to be someone stood out of the light with a black coat, with the hood placed over their head which covers their face. The sound also appears to be corrupted as all you can hear is (what I believe) one of the kids speaking, but because the sound has been corrupted the voice has almost been deepened so low that it's impossible to understand what he's saying.

Second Part:

Second half all of the sound has pretty much gone, and all you can hear is just some sort of background noise. The picture isn't as good this time either, but what you can make out is one of the kids has the camera pointing at the other kids neck, and it appears that they've been possibly either bitten or some sort of rash has occurred. After a few seconds of them looking at the bite/rash, the deepened voice from the first part comes back on. Again, I have no idea what it said, but it came back for a split second and then back to the background noise. The kids stop what they’re doing and run... And that's where it ends.

The Mark01:45

The Mark

The hooded figure in the corner is hard to make out as the camera is panned across fairly quickly. But the police believe this person was not one of the two kids and they also believe that whoever it was is the reason the two kids are missing.

As for the bite/rash, no one knows exactly what it is, but the kids clearly came across something that wasn't friendly.

Police have investigated the graveyard. After finding recent marks on the ground, it's been said that one of them was dragged at least 30 meters across the graveyard, as the other ran after him.

No one knows who the hooded figure was and the kids’ whereabouts are still a mystery.